5 Key Benefits Of Prenatal Care That Every Mom-To-Be Should Know


Prenatal care is essential for a healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Why? Because prenatal checkups ensure that both you and your baby are progressing normally throughout your pregnancy. It allows you to get answers to your questions, and the relationship you form with your OB/GYN and/or midwife will help you feel more at peace with the changes taking place in your body. Excellent prenatal care will also make you feel more at ease and confident in labor. If you suspect that you are pregnant, arrange a visit with your OB/GYN specialist Dr. John Gomes at Women’s Healthcare of Garden City, to confirm your pregnancy and start prenatal care as soon as feasible. Read on to learn more benefits of prenatal care Garden City for you and your baby.

1. Your Health Relies On It

By ‘your health, it should mean both you and your developing child. Whereas most pregnancies go smoothly- after all, the woman’s body is perfectly built to sustain pregnancy and delivery- your prenatal appointments can discover any health issues that could cause complications. These conditions include gestational diabetes, anemia, and preeclampsia. If identified early, your doctor can manage these conditions to avoid issues later in your pregnancy or while giving birth.

2. Monitor Your Child’s Progress

The rate at which your baby grows is a good sign of how well they are doing inside. Throughout your sessions, your doctor will take measurements from your sternum to the top of your pubic bone. These measures allow them to track your baby’s progress. In addition, ultrasounds will be carefully scheduled to confirm the gender and growth of your baby.

3. Obtain Appropriate Nutritional Data

To meet your baby’s nutritional demands, you may need to make certain dietary changes. Your OB/GYN will give you detailed instructions on your recommended nutritional intake for the following nine months, including what you must and must not eat.

Unlike common perception, pregnancy does not entitle you to eat for two. In fact, for a single newborn, an extra 350 calories every day is all that is required. At your prenatal visit, you will get all of this information and more.

4. Arrange For Proper Testing

Your OB/GYN may suggest various tests based on your age, health, and family history. For instance, amniocentesis is a test performed during the second trimester. It is mostly used to screen for genetic abnormalities like Down Syndrome, monitor the infant’s health if you have Rh sensitization (whenever your baby has a different blood type than you), and certify the lungs’ maturity. If necessary, your doctor may suggest additional tests as well.

5. Learn Everything There Is To Know About Labor And Delivery

You and your spouse will devise your labor and delivery schedule. Nevertheless, the layout of that plan will be determined by the knowledge you have about labor and delivery procedures. These procedures, prospective scenarios, concerns, and questions can all be discussed with your doctor during your prenatal sessions. It entails learning about the risks and advantages of each intervention or therapy option available for you.

Regardless of where you are in your pregnancy, staying informed about your body and baby’s development is critical for a successful pregnancy and delivery. Besides, it relieves the mental tension as you will recognize you have a trained professional on hand looking after you and your child’s growth and development. Look no further than Women’s Healthcare of Garden City for the best in prenatal care by a staff of compassionate and friendly specialists. Schedule a consultation today through mobile or book online.

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