Top Benefits Of Botox And Dermal Fillers


Botox and dermal fillers are cosmetic treatments administered through injections to reduce aging effects. Botox is made from botulinum toxin, and your doctor will use it in small amounts to reduce your wrinkles and frown lines. Dermal fillers contain components that promote fullness in thinned areas due to aging. Cheeks, lips, and mouth areas are parts commonly affected by thinning. Your cosmetic specialist Brooklyn asserts that Botox/fillers are minimally invasive techniques, meaning they do not involve surgery. Botox and fillers have many benefits for your skin and below are some.

Botox and fillers give you a more youthful look

Botox reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles, forehead lines, crows’ feet around your eyes, and smoothens frown lines. Dermal fillers eliminate wrinkles on your lower face and creases around your mouth and smile lines. Fillers also plump areas that have deflated due to age, such as the lips and cheeks. By eliminating or reducing these effects, your skin’s volume is restored, giving you a younger look.

No downtime

Since Botox and filler treatments are non-surgical procedures, you do not need a recovery period. Botox will take about ten minutes, and you can return to your job immediately after the process. Dermal fillers treatment takes between thirty to forty-five minutes, and you can still resume your daily activities immediately after the session. Since the procedures only involve injections, you can apply makeup right after the treatments.

Nearly immediate results

Results of wrinkles reduction through Botox can be noticed between twenty-four to forty-eight hours, with total outcomes seen within seven days. Dermal fillers results are seen right after the injections. You do not have to wait for side effects like swelling or incisions to heal for the results to be seen. You will receive compliments on your youthful look from other people right away.

Lasting results

The results of Botox injections last about three or four months. Your dermatologist can recommend extra sessions to maintain your younger appearance. Dermal fillers last longer, mostly about eighteen months. Your specialist can reverse the effects if you do not get your desired look after dermal fillers. You can repeat the treatment once the effects wear off.

Inexpensive cosmetic techniques

Botox and dermal fillers are less expensive than surgical treatments or luxury skincare products. You can choose the number of sessions you will take to fit your budget. Botox and fillers can save your money since you will not need other skincare procedures, like facials and different facial surgeries or wrinkle treatments. You can easily budget for your treatment in these procedures.

Customizable treatment methods

Botox and dermal fillers allow you to develop customizable treatment options with your specialist. During the consultation time with your dermatologist, you can discuss the areas of your face that need urgent attention and the particular parts you want to treat. In Botox treatment, you can take as many injections as possible to achieve your desired look.

Botox and dermal fillers help you achieve a natural appearance and make a better first impression due to your face’s glowing and radiant effects. Schedule an appointment at Heights Aesthetic Laser Center for Botox and filler treatment to reduce facial aging effects.

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