Why using fetal Doppler is good


It is said that the first few months in a pregnancy can be a very anxious time and it can also be very unsettling for the one who is going through this phase. Once the fetus grows more to move inside, the pregnant woman feels much relaxed about it.

A proper Doppler monitor which is used at home has become a very handy device in a past few years. A home Doppler is used by many pregnant women these days to remain reassured in their phase of pregnancy. Though the fetus growing inside has their heart developed at a very early stage, but one can only be able to hear the baby’s heart beat with the help of this Doppler device when the pregnancy reaches at its 10th or 12th week.

Now the question is, is the use of these monitors at home, safe enough? Well, this fetal monitor mainly sends some high frequency sound waves which passes through the body of the pregnant woman and then reaches the baby. So, when the sound waves have an encounter with the movement like the beating heart of the baby the show it clearly to the monitor. The fetal Doppler then translates this heart movement in an amplified sound and so one can able to hear it from outside.

There are also many studies carried out which has shown that this ultrasound is not at all harmful for the baby which is developing inside the womb. But still the doctors and experts try and advise to use them as much less as they can.

Also during the time of late pregnancy this one can be of great help when it comes to counting the baby’s kicks. According to medical studies and researches a woman who is almost 38 weeks of pregnant if notices the fact that the baby is moving less than usual then they can use home Doppler monitor to get assured whether the baby is doing okay or not. if one is still not sure about the baby’s movement then they can always go for an emergency ultrasound test to get rest assured that the baby is doing okay inside the womb.

This is very much important to go for the ultrasound test because in case of home Doppler tests some might end up hearing their own heart beat instead of the baby’s in the machine. It becomes sometimes really hard to pin point which one is the mother’s heart beat and which one is the baby’s heart beat.

So, the relevant question that pops up is whether one should buy this device for home use or not? But it is always worth getting this device because most pregnant women get stressed after 10 or 12 weeks of pregnancy and they want to feel the baby’s kicks inside them. For them, it is a good idea to buy this and keep at home.

In order to get the fetal Doppler safety one should ask their doctor, how to use it at home.

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