Tips on How to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction


The causes of erectile dysfunction fall into two broad categories; psychological and physical causes. Physical health problems are the leading causes of erectile dysfunction, especially among the older men. A number of chronic illnesses for example obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, the Parkinson’s disease, and other illnesses can cause erectile dysfunction. Leaving a healthy lifestyle and making healthy life choices is the best way to avoid erectile dysfunction.

In young men, erectile dysfunction can be caused by psychological disorders, for example, anxiety, stress, depression, psychological trauma as a result of a distressing sexual experience. When it comes to dealing with psychological causes of ED, pills like Kamagra Oral Jelly 100mg can help you overcome the underlying issues and give you the confidence you need and you will have a full erection.

Tips to help you avoid erectile dysfunction

There are ways on how you can prevent or deal with erectile dysfunction. These tips cut across the two major causes of this problem which are physical and psychological causes. Here are the tips:

Lose weight

Obesity and being overweight can prevent your cardiovascular system from performing optimally. Too much cholesterol in the body can prevent the supply of blood to your genitalia and prevent you from achieving a full erection. Therefore, you should consider losing some pounds if you want to have a full erection.

Quit smoking

Excessive use of tobacco can affect the blood flow and the function of neurotransmitters that ensure blood flow to the penile region. Smoking can also cause hormonal imbalance and this can be a huge problem since hormones play a key role in sexual arousal and getting a full erection.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol

Alcohol and abuse of drugs can disrupt your nervous system and prevent proper coordination of the bodily functions. Remember, for a man to have an erection, a number of body functions must work together. And when any of those bodily functions does not coordinate with the others, it will be a problem to achieve a full erection.

Reduce stress and get adequate sleep

Stress can prevent you from doing things you love and you can lose the sex urge. Your mind must be calm and relaxed for you to get an erection. Therefore, you must manage your stress levels if you want to deal with erectile dysfunction. Sleep deprivation can also take a toll on your brain function and optimal body functions. Get adequate sleep and avoid stress.


Exercising enhances circulation of blood and oxygen in the body. It also helps in flushing out toxins that may be causing problems in your body. You need to engage in any form of exercise regularly if you want to live a healthy lifestyle.

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