Home remedies for Urinary tract infection


Urinary tract infection occurs due to bacteria in the restrooms that people use. If it is not clean, then people get UTI. When people use restrooms outside their home, they must be very careful. It is important to be conscious when you are using restrooms outside because that is the sole reason for UTI. However, UTI cannot be treated with medications instantly, but home remedies can help you get rid of it eventually.

There are some simple yet effective home remedies that one can try at home. For these remedies, one does not need to spend any amount and other then patience nothing is much required also. The items that are used in these home remedies are available in the kitchen only, and hence one does not need to spend any amount specifically for these remedies.

  • Water

Get the body filled with water and people are unlike to get UTI. The reason behind this is that bacteria excrete only as fluid and when a patient is consuming a lot of water, he is more likely to excrete often. Thus, by doing this one can flush the bacteria in the body. Just drinking 3 liter of water every day, one can even prevent UTI.

  • Vitamin C

The patients who are affected by UTI can load their body with Vitamin C. One can consume vitamin C rich foods, if they are affected by urinary tract infection. Lemon, orange, and strawberries are usually suggested to UTI patients. Consuming this fruit raw or like a juice will help in getting rid of UTI.

  • Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is something which can be consumed when a patient is affected by UTI. Many studies say that cranberry juice will flush away the bacteria and it will keep them from sticking to the walls of the bladder. It will possibly help prevent or reoccur UTI. 14 studies have proved that cranberry juice is something which will give real-time benefits for UTI.

  • Tender coconut water

Consuming tender coconut water is helpful when a patient is affected by UTI. One reason – tender coconut cools down the body and helps in getting rid of bacteria. Once the body is cooled, the bacteria is likely to stay in the body, and they will get excreted. Consuming any amount of tender coconut is not hazardous to health because it only helps in removing the bacteria. More the better when consumed.

  • Healthy habits

Preventing urine infections can be done by maintaining good bathroom and hygiene habits. It is not good to hold the urine for too long because that can eventually build up the bacteria resulting in infection. After sexual intercourse, one must surely pass the urine because that will also reduce the risk of spreading bacteria. Wear loose clothes when affected by UTI, because that will help the bacteria run away from the body easily.

These are some of the remedies that one can go for at home. They take time to uproot the infection and help one live a normal life again. One needs to go for any particular remedies for a long period.

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