How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation


Premature ejaculation is perhaps the most common form of sexual dysfunction among men with more than 30% of men regardless of age, ethnicity or socio-economic status reporting it at some point in their lives. This condition is characterized by the lack of control during ejaculation, ejaculating for a very brief time, usually less than a minute and sexual dissatisfaction.

Premature ejaculation can be caused by a number of factors. Biological problems can cause the genital skin to be oversensitive which can lead to over stimulation or extreme arousal during sex. Although not mush research supports it, there are also certain genetic predispositions to premature ejaculation. Other factors include psychological issues like performance anxiety, fear and guilt. Some medical conditions and various medications can also cause premature ejaculation.

The good news is there is something you can do about premature ejaculation and some of the measures we describe here are highly effective.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Pelvic floor muscles training can help you prevent the onset of premature ejaculation. This is because the pelvic floor muscles support the penis and if they are strong enough, you may be able to short-circuit premature ejaculation before it happens. These pelvic floor muscles are weaker in most men and they get even weaker with age. So, before you opt for medication, you might want to try exercises that will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Slow the Pace (Down Tempo)

You also might want to slow the pace of your pelvic thrust during sex and vary the angle and depth of penetration, especially right before you get to the “point of no return.” This practice can be very effective in helping you prevent premature ejaculation especially if you use it in conjunction with pelvic floor muscle exercises.

The Pause-Start Method

If slowing your thrusting pace doesn’t work to prevent premature ejaculation, you may want to consider stopping the thrusting motion completely while maintaining penetration. You then resume thrusting when the ejaculatory urgency goes again. To help reduce the sensation, you can use the pelvic muscles for control once you stop thrusting.

Use the Squeeze Technique

The squeeze technique is one of the most effective ways to prevent premature ejaculation. When you feel the need to ejaculate, you withdraw and squeeze the head of the penis until the feeling passes. This process is highly effective but it can often mean sexual interruption and your partner may not be as understanding.

Talk to an Expert

All the above methods can offer much required relief from this condition. But you might want to consider speaking to a sexual therapist especially if the problem persists. Most sexual and reproductive health problems, even premature ejaculation, are caused by underlying psychological disorders. Getting treatment for these disorders is the only way to permanently eliminate the problem. If you have an underlying medical condition that could be causing the problem, your doctor can offer solutions you can try.

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