What Can You Do With A MPH?


You are interested in getting an online MPH degree but are wondering what you can do with it. The answer is .. there are so many options out there. You will have a wealth of jobs to choose from and ensure that you are in a particular field that you can be sure to enjoy doing what you do day in and day out.

Public health is critical to making sure that a society can thrive while avoiding any potential catastrophes. If you work in this field, you will be playing a critical part in terms of keeping the majority of people thriving in whatever environment they are in.

There are a lot of people in both cities and towns who must do certain things to ensure that they don’t fall ill or make other people ill either. Many different facilities have different jobs to help move that along.

What Kind of Jobs?

Here are just some of the ones that you can find:

  • Health Advocacy Director
  • Health Commissioner
  • Health Educator
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Mental Health Researcher
  • NGO Founder/Director
  • Professional Association Director

These jobs all play small parts in the big machine that is keeping the public safe. Your MPH degree can help you there.

What Fields Could You Work In?

There are a number of fields that you can possibly look into:

  • Epidemiology – This became a very well-known job when the pandemic began in 2020. If you work in this field, you can search for patterns when it comes to the outbreak of diseases. You will look at research and figure out the best way to get the public back into a safe situation.
  • Medical and Health Services – You could be a manager here. Other job titles that are similar are healthcare administrators or executives. You would plan all medical services for a group of physicians. You might even work with specific specialists. The places that are hiring want you to have a bachelor’s minimum, while others prefer an MS degree.
  • Education – You could take the job of Health Educator. This way, you can pass your knowledge about how to stay healthy to others who are very eager to learn about what you say. Then they can pass that knowledge on to others, and it can be continuous. Having a well-informed public is incredibly important when it comes to keeping a city or town from getting overrun.
  • Environment – The environment is something that can greatly impact the health of people. A polluted city can lead to things like asthma in kids. You could work as an environmental specialist and help shape things that will keep the environment nice and clean.

These are just some of the things to consider when it comes to deciding on whether you want to get an MPH degree. If you want to just work in the field of public health and not have to worry about the extra work that comes with being an administrator or another sort of high-up, then it would be better to avoid it. The pay is usually quite good, which can help shape some people’s decisions – the jobs above range from a starting salary of nearly $55,000 to over $100,000. But if you do relish the chance to get more money and more responsibility, then you should look more into getting this.

The field of public health will always be in need of people. Society as a whole requires some kind of structure and oversight so that people can stay healthy and families and others can thrive. You can play a big part of that with your work. This could be a big turning point for you.

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