Step By Step Dental Implant Process


Many people around the world lose one or multiple teeth every year as a result of several reasons. When you experience tooth loss, the initial subjects that you primarily focus on is the visual impact on your smile, while the adverse effects of missing teeth are beyond the beauty of your smile. As everyone knows, our teeth have a vital role in our overall oral health. Still, there’s no reason to be worried because, with the help of specialists’ appreciated efforts, a broad range of practical dental options are available today. Surely you’ve heard a lot about dental implants. As a sophisticated dental specialist at Oakville dental implant center describes,” no one can deny that dental implants are natural-looking and practical missing teeth replacements and a leading treatment in the world of dentistry.” If you are one of those millions of volunteers who decide to use this cosmetic dentistry method to achieve fascinating results, keep reading to learn what happens during this procedure.

Dental Implants

As we mentioned above, aside from leaving a gap between your teeth and ruining your smile, tooth loss has adverse effects on your chewing ability and causes some nutrition problems for you. They may also lead to your facial structure looking over-aged. These harmful side-effects of missing teeth have convinced professional dental experts to considerably create a new method to solve this problem. The traditional way that our grandparents used was dentures. Although this old method is used by some patients yet, there are some difficulties complained by them. During the past few decades, dental implants have reached the top of the individual’s priority list to achieve complete health and a glamourous smile. Unless the dentures are removable restoration for missing teeth, a dental implant is a permanent option that has the potential to last for your entire life.

Step by Step Guidance for Dental Implant Procedure

Assessment: Your professional surgeons perform the primary phase to start the dental implant process. They will evaluate your mouth and teeth perfectly to determine if you are an appropriate case for dental implant surgery or not because a certain degree of healthy bone materials is needed to consider you as a suitable candidate to place a dental implant.

Bone Grafting: In some cases, patients suffer from a lack of healthy bone at the implant site; further treatment called bone grafting is needed to provide a proper condition for the implant process. Bone grafting surgery is possibly required when you leave your missing teeth untreated for a long time.

Placement of Temporary Dental Crowns: When your experienced and dedicated surgeons place the dental implants in your gum, a temporary crown will be placed over it until you pass the healing process.

Healing Process: Several months are needed until to grow bone around the implanted site. You have to have regular checks up and let your dentists know when is the best time to schedule the final visit.

Final Appointment: In the last visit, your dentists will replace the temporary crowns with the permanent ones. When the procedure is over, your dentists will provide some additional recommendations to help you take care of your new dental implants properly.

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