Restore Your Smile’s Aesthetics With Dental Bridges


Losing a permanent tooth creates gaps in your smile, reducing its aesthetics. Missing teeth may prevent you from smiling and interacting with your peers confidently. Do not allow missing teeth to affect the quality of your life when Brooklyn dental bridges experts at Brooklyn Dental Spa have the perfect solution for you. Dental bridges fill up the gaps in your smile and restore the shape of your face.

What should you know about dental bridges?

A dental bridge is a custom-made dental prosthesis made up of several crowns that replace missing teeth. Although bridges can be made from gold and alloys, they are often made from porcelain to blend in with your natural teeth. A dental bridge improves your bite while enhancing your facial shape and appearance. Your doctor can help you choose from several types of dental bridges depending on your needs and expectations. The different types include implant-supported, cantilever, traditional, and Maryland.

  • Traditional bridge

A traditional bridge has two dental crowns and an artificial tooth. Your doctor may recommend a traditional bridge if you have natural teeth on both sides of the missing tooth gap.

  • Cantilever dental bridge

This bridge is very much like the traditional bridge, except a crown on only one side can support it. The tooth beside the artificial tooth is known as the abutment tooth.

  • Implant-supported bridges

These are the toughest and most durable bridges. Dental implants support the implant-supported bridges on either side. If you need multiple implants, your provider can place them all during the same appointment.

  • Maryland

If you have one or two missing front teeth, your provider may recommend a Maryland bridge. Your doctor uses a metal framework to bond the Maryland bridge to the back of your teeth.

What happens during the placement of dental crowns?

You need at least two appointments to place cantilever, Maryland, and traditional bridges at Brooklyn Dental Spa. An implant-supported bridge requires three appointments. On your first appointment, your provider conducts a comprehensive dental exam.

The team at Brooklyn Dental Spa may also enquire about your dental goals to help them create a dental bridge that meets your expectations. If you are eligible for a Maryland, cantilever, or traditional bridge, the team may take dental impressions to help them create personalized bridges.

If you are a suitable candidate for an implant-supported bridge, your provider may inject you with a local anesthetic and place a metal post into your jaw. Once your dental bridge is ready, you may need to return to the facility for placement. During the procedure, the team at Brooklyn Dental Spa may administer a local anesthetic and put the bridge in place. Afterward, they may give you a set of care instructions until you heal.

If you took the implant-supported bridge, you might need to go for a second appointment once your implants integrate with your jaw. During your appointment, your provider attaches the implant-supported bridge to your implant.

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