Dental Implants and Useful Points about Them


None of us like to deal with a missing tooth. When a tooth is lost, we face some difficulties while chewing or even pronouncing some words. Besides, it is normal to be ashamed of smiling with missing teeth (teeth). That is why it is repeatedly stated that missing teeth can devastatingly affect our self-confidence. If you pay attention to those with lost teeth, they try to hide their smile, especially if their front tooth is lost. But the good news is that this dental defect is possible to be removed. Since many years ago, there have been some dental treatments to replace the missing teeth, such as dentures. Nowadays, there is an advanced, popular method: dental implants. According to a dental specialist providing dental implants in Vancouver, when comparing dentures and implants, considering the advantages and disadvantages of both treatments, it is no exaggeration to say that implants are better than dentures. In this article, there are some significant differences between these two.

The positive Points And Negative Points About Dentures

When it comes to dentures, most people think about an inconvenient set of teeth. But the advanced dentures are thoroughly different. In other words, they are comfortable, and there is no difficulty with them. Advanced dentures are comfortable. They also look, feel, and function close to the natural teeth. Unlike older dentures, their advanced shape does not interfere with speaking or chewing. But if we want to compare dentures to dental implants, there are some limitations and considerations:

  • Even advanced dentures and improved ones are not as comfortable as dental implants.
  • Dental implants last for a long time, even for a lifetime, if cared for properly. It is not the same about dentures, and you will have to replace them after a specific period of time.
  • You should have a special diet after getting dentures.
  • It may be difficult to take care of dentures, especially when they are removable.

Dental Implants 

Since dental implants are fixed in your jawbone, they look and act exactly like your natural teeth. In other words, no one can distinguish between dental implants and natural teeth. In addition, it is so easy to maintain dental implants. Implants do not move or slip. They do not require removal, special cleaning, or the use of glue and are relatively easy to maintain. There are no special caring tips. As long as you take care of your implants in the same way you care for your natural teeth, dental implants can be a lifelong solution to tooth loss.

What To Consider About Dental Implants?

Dental implants may seem more expensive than dentures, which is why many people choose dentures as an option without further investigation. However, when considering the additional costs of dentures, such as cleaning solutions, adhesives, repairs, and replacement, dental implants are often a better solution and are worth the additional initial costs.

The Final Say

Before planning your dental procedure, you should consult your dental specialist to see which of these two tooth replacement options is better for you based on all influential factors.

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