Advantages and Disadvantages Of Dental Crowns


It is vital to start the article with the idea that the dental crown is one of the most effective treatments that will help you restore your smile and teeth function.

In case that your tooth has been damaged in some way, you will be able to fix it with ease by adding dental crown which is an inexpensive way when compared with other methods.

Of course, similarly as any other thing, it features some advantages and disadvantages that you should have in mind before you make a decision.

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Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are the perfect solution if you have issues with dental crowns and other range of dental problems. They can also support your tooth in case of decay or additional damage due to inconsistent hygiene.

You will also be able to protect your work away tooth for further damage, which is essential for the overall health and the ability to eat with ease. That will also reduce the possibility of losing a tooth and having to pay a high price for a dental implant.

If you had a root canal procedure, it is vital to protect your tooth because it will become prone to damage. Therefore, you will be able to defend it along the way. It will also hold a severely broken or cracked tooth together.

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In case that you placed an implant, you will need a dental crown to cover it and to make it a wholly perfect and usable tooth. That will also improve your appearance and aesthetic appeal so that you can smile without thinking that everyone will see the hole you have in your smile.

We can easily say that they are a perfect long-term choice when it comes to tooth replacement especially because they are durable and you will be able to enjoy in them up to two decades. That will provide you additional enjoyment and satisfaction with the treatment.

At the same time, when compared with other methods, it has a high success rate, and it will help you along the way. That is the main reason why this particular procedure is supported by various scientific studies that are promoting it for people all across the globe.

Disadvantages of Dental Crowns

However, getting a dental crown is also a risky method that could provide you some disadvantages along the way. The idea is to file the tooth properly and create the right shape so that the crown can easily fit the remaining tooth. This is the irreversible and extensive procedure.

Some patients have experienced discomfort after the procedure such as sensitivity to cold or hot. At the same time, you should use specific toothpaste which is designed for sensitive teeth so that you can reduce further decay and the pain.

You can experience pain while biting down during the first week after placing a crown, especially if it is too high or obstruction the teeth from the opposite jaw. However, your dentist can easily repair this particular problem and adjust the height so that you can enjoy all the way.

Sometimes, you will be able to chip crowns and to lose some portion of porcelain. Of course, that is also repairable without removing it altogether, but in case of a significant break, you will have to replace it entirely.

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Some patients will require dental cement to hold it into a place, and that could cause the crown to become loose which means that bacteria will enter underneath it and that will cause tooth and tooth decay.

In some cases, the crown can fall off completely, and that usually happens because of improper fit of the crown or insufficient amount of cement that will hold it in place. Therefore, you can refit it again or replace it altogether.

The rarest problem that could happen is the allergic reaction to porcelain or other metals that your crown features. At the same time, it is an expensive procedure when compared with a dental bridge for instance, which could be the reason for patients to avoid it.

However, the price depends on which material you wish to choose, and it can range between $800 and $1500 per crown.

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