PRP Hair Treatment Top Advantages


Are you struggling with hair loss? When it starts to get noticeable, hair loss can affect your self-esteem. You won’t be as confident as you step out to work or with family or friends, among other social situations. When considering ideal treatment, PRP wins on many fronts. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) hair treatment Santa Monica leverages your cells to regenerate hair follicles and stimulate the growth of new hair, reversing hair loss.

Hair loss, whether hereditary, from a medical condition, or habits like tying it too tight, is reversible. While you might have tried the medication with little or no success, you are not doomed. Suppose surgery is out of the equation due to medical considerations or personal preferences; you are still not at the end of the road. You can opt for the innovative PRP hair loss treatment, an approach that uses your body’s growth factors to stimulate hair growth and realize many advantages. PRP hair loss treatment continues to gain traction due to incredible advantages, including:

No side effects

If you have tried growth pills, you may have experienced side effects like diarrhea, constipation, and/or upset stomach. If you are considering surgical hair restoration, you have to account for the risks and complications, including bleeding, infection, bruising, and swelling. Such consideration can discourage you from pursuing hair loss treatments. PRP treatment eliminates such side effects. You could experience redness or minor bruising at the injection site, but this subsides within a few days.


PRP hair loss treatment does not involve incisions and is not a lengthy, painful, and complicated process. It is a non-invasive and straightforward treatment. A treatment session takes less than an hour. You can slot the session during your lunch break, have the treatment, and return to work. The painless treatment does not require downtime to facilitate recovery. You can go about your day after the procedure, a convenience that makes hair restoration a breeze.

Natural results

PRP treatment works by stimulating healing and regenerating your hair follicles. This translates to natural results since it does not involve the introduction of new hair. Moreover, the treatment offers lasting results. This is because it stimulates your inactive hair follicles and promotes immediate and long-term growth. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing the results look natural since your hair is growing and the looks will last long.

Personalized treatment

Why are you considering hair loss treatment? Is it due to balding, receding, or thinning hair? Each is unique, meaning a one-size-fits-all kind of treatment does not offer the best results. You are better off with a treatment targeting your primary hair loss problem. PRP treatment is customized for your specific needs. Your doctor will evaluate your situation and develop a personalized hair loss treatment approach, delivering a more optimal outcome. You won’t be following a trial and error approach that can be costly and inconvenient.

Hair loss can ruin your striking looks and impact your confidence, affecting other faculties of your life. However, with PRP hair loss treatment, such concerns no longer have to affect you. Visit or call Self Care LA to learn more or schedule treatment.

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