How To Avoid Hair Damage From The Extensions


Hair extensions are getting more popular among women who would like to preserve the natural beauty of their hair regardless of their age. Nowadays, there are lots of methods to achieve it. Hair weave, nano ring, tape-in or clip ins, to name a few. The type of hair extension that should be given a closer look are those made by Viola. These products make the whole process of hair extensions nice and easy. Let us discuss the main aspects of it.

Can extensions damage hair?

Hair extensions may indeed lead to the damage of the scalp. It is because the process of applying the extensions can badly affect hair bulbs. One of the common negative outcomes is traction alopecia, which may even result in permanent balding of certain hair regions. The same can also occur by, for instance, wearing hairstyles such as ponytail or pigtail for an extended period of time. These hairstyles are known to stress the hair, leading to unpleasant consequences. However, there are measures that can be taken in order to avoid any damage arising from the hair extensions. Whether you are looking for brunette extensions or blonde, it can be totally harmless if done correctly.

Hair extension – take precautions

It is well proven that extensions can potentially be detrimental to the scalp. However, there are ways to avoid damaged hair after extensions. First of all, it is paramount to use high quality hair care products. An appropriate shampoo should be used when taking care of the extended hair. The same applies to using the right hair conditioner. This product not only moisturizes the dry hair, but also provides support for the scalp. It will greatly reduce the chance of serious damage and keep all hair intact.

When you decide to go ahead with the extensions, you should also opt out of using heated styling tools. Extensive use of dryers or straighteners may result in negative effects on the scalp. What is also crucial is to take a break from the hair extensions from time to time. It is advised to wear the extensions no more than two to three months, and then let the scalp rest for a while. This can be a great opportunity to change the hairstyle to a one without the extensions.

It is always recommended to take advice from the professional dermatologist when in doubt of any side effects of the hair extensions. Although modern methods of increasing the hair volume and length along with the use of advanced hair care products are generally safe, it is sometimes necessary to get medical advice. This may be necessary for those with sensitive scalps, or previous records of hair loss. It will guarantee that there will not be any further hair damage, and the risk of traction alopecia is completely tackled.

Recommended hair extensions

Clip ins are seamless hair extensions that can easily be attached to existing hair. Viola Hair Extensionsare a perfect example that the process of hair extension can be pleasant and bereft of unpleasant side effects. The same principle applies to nano ring extensions. It is an innovative method to make your hair beautiful and bold. In the case of nano ring technology, it needs to be stressed that professional pliers must be used in order not to damage the extensions as well as natural hair. The main benefit of proceeding with this type of hair extension is that no glue or any additional substance is required. Moreover, Viola hair extensions are retrieved from Remy European Human Hair Extensions, which is a highly ethical source of the highest quality hair. These extensions are a go-to solution for countless women in the UK.

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