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Ever woken up shaking with a feeling like nothing you’ve ever felt before? People who’ve become addicted to alcohol report intense feelings when the liquid drug leaves their body. Some say it feels like drowning, however, just about everyone says they felt as though they were going to die unless they got a drink.

The intensity of alcohol withdrawal is astounding and many people over the course of history have died from stopping alcohol suddenly. It’s one of the few substances that cause death during the withdrawal process.

Despite the dangers associated with alcohol, it’s intrinsic to most cultures around the globe. America is no exception. It’s hard to find a social event where alcohol isn’t commonly seen. Sports events, dinners with friends, even the movie theaters have incorporated alcohol into the experience.

For those with a drinking problem, these events can be difficult to navigate. After all, who wants just one drink? Many alcoholics have elaborate schemes by which they make sure they only appear to be sipping wine, while in reality they maintain a high blood alcohol level (BAC).

Some bring flasks, while others “pre-game,” which is drinking before the event where the drinking is centered. If you have vodka before the football game, you can use the beer at the game to maintain a buzz, while avoiding the judgement of others.

The idea of anyone finding out how much they actually drink is terrifying. The thought of people discovering their drinking has developed into a habit of strategically buying only a certain amount from each store so no one knows exactly how much is bought.

These are just a few of the common symptoms experienced by active alcoholics. Some may be “functioning alcoholics,” while others cannot maintain a job consistently.

Whatever the specifics, alcoholism and addiction are deadly diseases that claim more lives each year in the United States.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Many alcoholics believe that everyone drinks as they do. People who drink heavily tend to drink together so, in contrast, one might not drink that much more than his or her peers.

Excessive drinking is certainly not uncommon these days. The National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, NIAAA, estimates that 6.2% of all American adults had an Alcohol Abuse Disorder, AUD. Alcohol abuse has been prevalent for so long they dedicated an entire organization to it.

People with AUD can be mildly to severely affected and many are highly adept at concealing their problem. Just because someone looks sober on the outside doesn’t mean that they are not struggling with an AUD. The problems associated with alcohol are astounding and unless people get help, the disease gets progressively worse, never better.

According to the National Institute of Health, NIH, addiction is a chronic, relapsing mental illness. This disease is characterized by compulsive using, cravings and behavior aimed at getting more. Alcoholism and drug addiction are increasingly overlapping problems, especially with the prevalence of addictive prescription drugs. The mixing of alcohol with other substances is extraordinarily dangerous and has helped substance abuse become one of the leading causes of accidental death in America.

Best San Diego Area Rehab Facilities

Many people realize they have a problem long before they decide to get sober. The process can be daunting and difficult to navigate. However, many treatment centers would happily help walk you through the process.

The San Diego area has some great options for treatment. Real Hope Recovery in San Diego offers everything you need and want. Their professionals tailor fit a program for you and your needs. To find out more about their program go to and browse the program descriptions.

Resolutions has a variety of levels of treatment. Ideally, most people start at the highest and work their way down. However, financial restrictions and other problems may make this unattainable for you. Don’t worry – you’ll still get the help you need at a price you can afford.

San Diego Addiction Treatment Center is another great option. Their co-occurring disorders curriculum and wellness classes will have you well on your way to a new life.

There are treatment centers across the country. No matter your financial and treatment needs, there are places that can help.

Best Life Yet

People can and do recover from alcoholism and addiction. It’s a disease that is treatable, however the treatment takes work. Unlike the easy treatment for a sinus infection or broken bone, addiction requires commitment from the person getting sober and support from a group of fellows in recovery.  

Many have been where you’re, afraid to drink and afraid not to. The obsession and drama caused by perpetually needing a drink is enough to break anyone.

Loneliness, depression and desperation are constant companions. Through these terrible experiences you can find the motivation to get and stay sober. You’re not doomed to go through life in the same way you’ve been. You can recover.

You don’t have to live that way anymore. Today can be the day you reach out and get help. With guidance you’ll discover that you never have to pick up a drink again. Alcohol can cease to be your master, dictating every move you make.

Today you’ve the opportunity to find your best life yet. Alcohol treatment centers will help you learn coping skills for handling every day and extraordinary stressors. You’ll learn about the disease of addiction and understand the reasons for your drinking.

You can have a life you’re proud of in sobriety. Many have found the support and guidance necessary to maintain long-term sobriety in a 12-step program. With regular meetings attendance and a sponsor, you too can discover what these transformative programs have to offer.

You too can recover. No matter what drug(s) you use or issues you think might keep you from staying sober, you can recover. You’re worthy of love and support and will find your happily ever after, but only if you reach out for help. Find a treatment center a get started today.

To get recover from alcohol or drugs you can Opt for Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Available in Illinois.

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