Opt for Safe Breast Lump Removal in Los Angeles, Also Known as Lumpectomy


aThere are some women that have lumps in their breasts. They need to be removed by experienced surgeons that have specialty in the area of lumpectomy. This procedure needs to be conducted safely. It demands minimal invasion and it should preserve the breast tissue in such a way that it is not damaged. If the surgery is performed under expert hands women do not need a breast reconstruction surgery.

Be aware about breast lump removal in Los Angeles, also known as Lumpectomy

It is safe for you to opt for breast lump removal in Los Angeles, also known as Lumpectomy. This procedure entails minimal scarring as the tumor is removed. The incision is made at such a place that it is not readily visible. The surgeons ensure that the lump and all the cells that cause breast cancer are safely removed.

Who are eligible for lumpectomy?

Those women that have a small cancer and a larger breast are eligible for lumpectomy. Like every surgery there are both pros and cons to this procedure. The surgeon however will take caution and conduct the surgery to your specific needs so that you get the best treatment options without hassles. The surgeons will take health examinations to ascertain how much of the tissue is to be removed and where the incision should be placed so that you have a cosmetically healthy outcome.

The surgeons generally place the incision in the natural creases of the breast. The lines are hidden. The place where the incision is made is near the areola, under the armpit or breast. The surgeon will assess your condition and create a unique surgical plan that is tailor-made to meet and match your needs. This results in surgeons removing the cancer cells and leaving behind the healthy breast tissue with advanced techniques. This means you do not have to worry about the breasts getting deformed as a result of the surgery.

It is good for you to be aware about breast lump removal in Los Angeles, also known as Lumpectomy. You should take time to ask your surgeon about the process and the possible side effects. Whenever, surgeons identify a cancerous cell or tissue, it is important for you to immediately to contact skilled and experienced surgeons.  They need to make calculations when it comes to how much of the tissue needs to be removed.  For some people, the medication may be in the form of pills. There are some patients that might need radiation on the site. This is done to ensure that the cancer does not return post-surgery. Radiation has the ability to change the shape of the breast so that the reconstruction surgery of the breast is not needed. However, the treatment is not the same for all patients. It differs from one woman to another. The surgeon will take the onus to explain and guide you through the whole process with success. You will be briefed on your surgical treatment options and plan so that you are fully aware and prepared.

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