Keep In Mind These Points If You Are An Ehic Card Holder


In almost all the countries and states of EU as well as in Switzerland, use of EHIC card is common. In fact, you will come across all people possessing this card that is quite important. This card has been existence for a quite long time period. After E111 renewal, it came to be known as EHIC that stands for European Health Insurance card. Though it is basically an insurance card however it is still different from health insurance to some extent. Anyone who possesses this card needs to keep in mind following points that are perhaps very much important as far as using this card is concerned.

Get your old card replaced

Though most people have opted for E111 renewal and replaced their old cards with new ones however you are still alerted to do so, if not already done. After all, you can avail of the current benefits offered under this card only if you have the latest card provided by EU to all the citizens.

Keep an eye on expiry date

Like any other card, EHIC also has validity for certain time period. It is valid for a period of five years only. Thus you need to get your card renewed before its actual expiry date. For this, you need to keep an eye on its expiry date and get the same renewed at least six months before it actually expires. It helps you to get a new card so that you may keep using the same without experiencing any problems.

Get free access to medical aid

By possessing an EHIC card, you may get access to free medical aid or other treatments offered by the institutes, hospitals or health care units authorised by the associated officials. It means you need not pay huge medical bills for any types of health issues covered by this insurance card. In some cases, the cardholders need to pay some minimum amount of money in lieu of medical services. The remaining amount is covered by the insurance.

Ensure safety of your card

EHIC card definitely proves to be worthwhile whether you have to use it casually for medical treatments at your native place or during travelling. Thus you need to ensure that your card is safe in all respects and is carried by you while travelling in a totally safe way. Loss or any damage to the card may land you in uncalled for troubles.

Remember your unique card number always

It is always advised to remember the unique card number allotted specifically to you. It helps you to get a duplicate copy or get your card renewed without any problems, in case the card is lost, damaged or is not carried along with while travelling. By checking the validity of your card online, the relevant authorities may offer you the requisite help.

Offers benefits under some rules

The EHIC card that is now possessed by all after E111 renewal offers benefits to the cardholders only under some rules. It means you need to know all the rules pertaining to the use of this card before claiming anything against the card.

Being well-aware of these important points about EHIC, you may avail of its benefits in a proper manner.

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