Kratom- The Solution for Relief from Pain, Depression, and Anxiety


Kratom is an all-natural herb that originates in Southeast Asia.  The powder is made from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree that is found on the continent.  It grows uncultivated and the leaves from the adult trees are used.  The best quality leaves are dried and made into a fine powder or a tea.  The herb has a long history of use in Thailand for all nature of ailments.

More and more people are moving away from using prescription drugs as modern-day research are showing more and more harmful effects of pharmaceuticals.  People suffering from chronic pain, depression, and anxiety are always on the lookout for all-natural products to relieve them from the debilitating symptoms.  Users of Kratom have long praised the benefits of this herb for relief from ailments.

How to use Kratom

In Southeast Asia, fresh leaves are often chewed after removing the central vein of the leaf.  You can also chew the dried leaves, but it tends to be tough.  The dried leaves are often preferred to be crushed and made into a powder.  The powder is then more easily consumed when mixed with water.  It can also be mixed with kefir, milk or fruit juice.  Flavored liquids work best as it masked the somewhat bitter taste.  The Kratom powder is also available in capsules.


Kratom is only effective for relief from pain, depression, and anxiety when using the correct dosage.  Using a digital scale will ensure accuracy.  You will only need a few grams of the herb to be effective.

Here is a rough guide to the dosages should you not have a digital scale for accuracy.

  • 1 level teaspoon of the fine powder will weigh approximately two grams.
  • Three teaspoonsare equivalent to one tablespoon. Hence a level tablespoon of finely powdered Kratom is equal to approximately six to seven grams.

The effects

Luckily with Kratom, you only need to use a low dose of it be to relieve pain and depression.  A high does usually act as a sedative.  This is due to the active nature of the herb is both sedative and stimulant.  The effects can be likened to well-known opiate drugs.  This is due to the alkaloids contained in Kratom acting as opiate receptors.  Hence, the Kratom herb acting as many prescriptions opiate medications but with no addictive qualities.

To act as a stimulant:

Kratom as a stimulant will leave you more alert and energetic.  Your motivation levels are increased and will improve your attitude when tackling boring and mundane daily tasks.  As a stimulant, Kratom will elevate your mood, making you more sociable and friendly.  The natural elements of Kratom act more as a cognitive stimulant instead of a physical stimulant.

To act as a sedative:

Kratom as a sedative will leave you less prone to emotional and physical pain.  You will feel calmer and in control of your emotions.  Some people have reported feeling slight nausea when using Kratom but the symptom is not long lasting and will subside quickly.  Users have said when fully relaxed they feel as if they are in a dream-likestate.

Due to its natural ingredients and highly effective properties, Kratom is a perfect all-natural solution for relief from pain, depression, and anxiety.  It is safe to use when you adhere to the correct dosage.  It is readily available online.

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