HGH Facts: Know to stay safe


HGH is said to slow the aging process in few different ways. When you inject it, your body sends it to the liver generally within 5 minutes and transforms it to growth factors. The core growth factor shaped is IGF-1 insulin like growth factor-1. So right there you get some important body parts feeling like they did years ago. IGF-1 is accountable for repairing tissue and precisely muscle, tendons and ligaments.

The main anti-aging component is that it takes your mitochondria which are little workshops that imitate your cells and makes them work faster and more effectual. So you end up with new cells throughout your whole body that are more precisesorts of those cells. There are studies where they took a clutch of people in their 70’s and tried their cells to find that their cells were normal for persons ranging in their 70’s. They then administered injectable brand of growth hormone and after 6 months at 1 UI a day they found the same peoples cells to be more in line with someone in their mid-40’s.

Point Counts

  1. There are a lot more benefits like deeper sleep, increased energy, rapid fat loss, increased libido and such. The only real negative is to make sure you don’t have cancer before starting. If you are cancer and tumor free then you are good to go as it is a 191 chain amino acid that is bio-identical to what you produce naturally.
  2. Synthetic Hormones may affect many systems in your body, not just muscle development, or whatever effect you are seeking. It is really never a good idea to mess much with hormone. It can confuse and deregulate your body’s own hormonal systems, with unpredictable long and short term results.

Serostim HGH is one of the prescription drugs available at many places. It is one of the synthetically produced HGH, having generic name Somatropin. It is created using a recombinant DNA type technology. These injectable brand of growth hormone do more than just stimulate growth in the human body. It is a prescription only drug and is responsible for regeneration and reproduction of cells. Consult your doctor to prescribe you this hormone if it is suitable for your body.

They are said to have following effect on body:

  • Boost weight
  • Increase lean body mass
  • Enhance physical endurance

Talking about strength, it comes in variety:

  • Single-dose injections administered with sterile water for injection (5 or 6 mg per vial)
  • Multi- dose injections (given with bacteriostatic water for injection)- 4 mg per vial

Dosage variation with rate range is shown below:

  • Over 55 kg (> 121 pounds) -6 mg daily
  • 45 to 55 kg (99 to 121 pounds) -5 mg daily
  • 35 to 45 kg (75 to 99 pounds) -4 mg daily
  • Under 35 kg (<75 pounds ) -0.1 mg per kg daily

The treatment usually starts on a cycle of every other day to lessen side effects. It may take nearly 12 weeks of treatment to start seeing changes. In many cases, serostim HGH treatment lasts roughly 24 weeks. Injection spots must be rotated from the abdomen, upper arm, thigh and buttocks to lessen potential irritation. Do not forget to keep your doctor’s supervision.

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