Stock Up Using Clen


Clenbuterol is a famous weigh loss product that is available worldwide. This product is a non-steroid product that helps to loose unnecessary accumulated fat in the body and bulk up mass muscle without much weight gain. There is much to follow when a person starts intake on Clenbuterol. Apart from normal professional recommended diet, one needs to revisit his diet intake once they start taking these type of supplements. Apart from aiding in weight loss, the product also provides user increased energy that give additional stamina to perform rigorous physical exercises during a period of time.

Who can use this and how?

This product is not legal in many countries. Though it can be purchased online without a prescription, this product is legally banned as it stimulates energy in the body and viewed as energy stimulant. Though normal people can use this, athletes and professionals who are due for a competitive performance will have to keep an eye on this dosage. Sometimes to reach the goals, professionals will have to plan to stock this Clen months before actual competition. It is to be clearly understood that the effects of Clen can wither off in couple of months. This product will have to be taken only for a maximum of 3-4 months in different variations to avoid any adverse effects. Also the residues of Clen will be washed off from the body in couple of days after we stop intake. It is claimed that 75% of the product residue will be washed in 2-3 days after stopping consumption of this product. Hence with proper guidelines, and an eye on cutting stack and dosage, professionals can use this supplement. To sustain the benefits can go for a proper physical and diet regime can be followed.

Results of Clen

Body builders claim to produce excellent results when 2 weeks on and off cycle is followed. Clen is often taken in cycles following with small dosages for each day. As it can have negative effects on respiratory system and heart this product will have to be cycled with proper dosages. Two weeks’ cycle is where a person starting off starts with minimum dosage and gradually increases for a 2-week period. Then they stop the dosage for 2 more weeks that gives the body required resting time. Then the cycle is started again for prescribed amount of time. As it server many purpose for weight lifters they stack this product as required a month or so before competition and then sustain its after effect by effective diet and exercise regime.

Stocking up with other products

Though this product is said to have more of positive effects on its own, stocking Clen with similar weight loss supplements will aid the process faster. Cuttimg stack and dosage for Clen to be used with other products vary from person to person. Dosages for men and women also vary a lot. Clen is available online and can be stacked up with other products such as Anavar, Winstol etc. to gain more benefits of fat loss. A word of caution however is required when used along with multiple products and dosage will have to be revisited with your physician accordingly


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