Clen and Its Effects


Clenbuterol also commonly called as Clen has its own place in weight loss market. Though there are multiple health supplements available and new ones are being found every other day, this product is always a non-beatable champion. Initially developed as a medication for respiratory problems, this product is further developed into weight loss supplement. A small quantity of Clen with prescribed dosage helps to treat breathing and asthma-related complaints by clearing the blocks in the respiratory tract. This is a legal alternative and does not actually require a prescription in for usage in many countries. Clen mainly used for weight loss and not to gain muscle strength or to bulk up. Hence this is used in cutting phase along with other steroid drug combination by professionals to increase the impact.

Why is this better than other products?

This product is considered better than others because it is not a steroid component. Unlike other products, this does not have any impact on growth hormones. This product is said to act in a natural way and contains many natural ingredients with added minerals and vitamins. Clen is said to increase the body temperature internally upon consumption and thereby is known to increase the metabolic activity in the human body. This additional energy is used to burn excess fat and aids in weight loss. Also, this product is known to increase protein synthesis which is one of the main ingredients to cut body fat. Apart from this Clen is also known to increase stamina and provide quick recovery times between workouts. Also, it is claimed that Clen gives stunning results with dieting process and proper physical regime. Clen also helps to suppress your appetite thereby making you feel full. This cuts the need to stack up unnecessary food and have proper diet.

How can you can maximum benefits?

As said, maximum benefits of taking Clen for weight loss can be seen when a proper diet is followed. Another major advantage is that this product stays in your system for quite longer time hence giving you prolonged results when compared to others. If one makes sure by adding adequate proteins in their diet, it will be a double benefit. With added proteins in your diet and increased synthesis through Clen intake, your body can do wonders. If a person follows a proper physical exercise routine, he is said to attain maximum benefit.

Dosages and recommendations

As Clen is being used for a variety of uses, dosage recommendation varies on purpose it is taken for. However, recommended dosage for men is 140 mcg max per day and for women, it would be 100 mcg max per day. If taken particularly for weight loss, the max dosage will be 100-140 mcg per day. However, the dosages are advice to be started in small cycles and is claimed to give stunningresults with dieting. Small dosages are administered first and then gradually increased till the body stabilizes. Though this drug is not categorized as a steroid, it is legally banned for usage by athletes. As Clen stays in the body for quite some time, athletes will have to time this drug in such a way that it is taken well prior to any competition scheduled dates.

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