What You Need to Know About the Penis Enlargement Surgery


Many people often are fooled by the outrageous advertisements on the web about magic pills that can increase the size of a person’s penis. For those who don’t know, all of these ads are fake, and they are designed as a ruse to simply get money out of innocent people. If you are insecure about the size of your penis and feel that you are unable to satisfy your partner in bed because of this, you will obviously begin exploring different options through which you can try to increase its size. Unfortunately, there’s no natural way to increase the size of your penis.

However, instead of looking at the length, you should focus more on the girth. Many women have stated that a thicker penis is better because it helps them orgasm quickly. A thicker penis stimulates the nerve endings on the sides of the vaginal walls, allowing for more pleasure. There are dedicated surgeries through which you can increase the girth of your penis. Many private clinics now offer effective penis enlargement treatment options to their clients. But, before you go for a surgery, here are a few important things that you need to know.

 How Is the Surgery Conducted?

After the initial medical check-ups have been conducted, the doctors will set a date and time for the surgery. This is actually a non-invasive surgery, and the doctor will simply inject dermal fillers at different points in the penile shaft. Most people are often horrified at the thought of a sharp needle entering their penis, but you don’t need to worry; the doctors will completely numb the area before proceeding further. The entire procedure will be completed in less than a half hour, and you will remain conscious throughout. Once the surgery has been completed, the doctors will keep you in the clinic for a little while longer. Ideally, you will remain at the clinic for two to three hours and check to ensure that the dermal fillers do not react. Once the fillers have settled in and the doctors feel it reasonable for you to leave, you can then exit the clinic.

Post-Surgery Care

The doctors will also require you to properly care for yourself after the surgery. For starters, you will need to completely avoid sexual contact for at least two weeks after the surgery. The doctors will also ask you to report back in for a medical check-up after a couple of weeks so that they can run some tests and make sure that the fillers are settling in nicely.

You will notice a major difference in the girth of your penis after the fillers have settled in. It will help you satisfy your partner and also offer a more enjoyable sexual experience. However, you need to know that the dermal filler surgery is not permanent; after a year or so, the fillers will leave your body. You will need to schedule another surgery if you want to get them again.

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