Watch out, Internet Can Make You Fat


If you plan to lose weight, you should reduce the habit of spending time with the internet. A study in Australia suggests that people who spend time with the internet at risk of obesity.

In the Journal of Medical Internet, researchers conducted a survey of 2650 adults in Australia about physical activity, internet, playing computer games, reading, watching and other activities carried out during the respondents were in their spare time to learn to do with the disease of obesity.

Researchers also tried to focus and compare the two main activities, namely the Internet and physical activity (sports, walking). Both activities are divided into categories never, rarely (less than 3 hours per week) and high (more than 3 hours per week).

The survey results also showed that those who frequently use the Internet and computer turns 1.5 to 2 times more fat than those who have never dealing with computers.

“Actually, the internet causing overweight or obese people most often use the internet? For sure, this study shows that the internet and computers to be one of the causes of obesity. Reading, watching TV and playing games will not burn calories,” says Corneel Vandelanotte, Ph.D., a researcher from the Institute for Health and Social Science Research at Central Queensland University, as quoted from the Health.

They are more often faced with the internet and other applications on mobile computers tend to be lazy and prefer to keep activities such as reading, watching and more. That’s what causes obesity, because the calories into the body does not burn with just issued at rest.

To prevent Internet users and computers become obese, you should enter the sport or other physical activity into the daily routine. Try to limit the time for the activity in front of a computer or other fixed activities and balance with physical activity.

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