Top 10 Testosterone Killers: What Are You Doing Wrong?


There might be many reasons why you might be reading this article. Either your performance is getting low in the bed, you are trying to improve your health, or the limit your body puts on you when you are exercising is frustrating you. You also may already know that all of these problems are related to lose and lower levels of testosterones.When it comes to testosterones, many people mostly concentrate on how to increase the testosterones level, rather than focusing on, what are they doing wrong that is reducing their testosterones level.

There can be many reasons because of which your testosterone level might be lower than it should not. Some of those reasons are related to your diet, and some may concern your daily routine. But in this article, we will discuss those who are the most important ones and effect you the most.

Poor Diet Care

Many people get confused when it comes to the diet and does not know whom to believe, whom not to believe, and which diet plan is the best. Low protein, low healthy fats, and high sugar levels all of these are the biggest causes of low testosterone levels.It is necessary that you keep the fat level but do not cut it off altogether as it also needed by the body to operate.

Higher Level of Obesity

High level of obesity is very much related to poor diet. Another reason for the low level of testosterones is a high level of cholesterol. It depends on a number ofcarbohydrates you take and what kind of elements are promoting your gland to turn your cholesterol in testosterones. If your cholesterol is high, it will start storing fat in your body, and it will most likely effect your belly area. So the best way is to avoid junk food and sodas as much as possible.

Not Taking Enough Nutrition

There are some elements that will lower your testosterone level, there are some elements that will stable your testosterone levels, and there are some elements that will increase your testosterone level as well. Therefore, it is necessary for you to learn the difference between all of them. Read the back of the products where they enlist all the components of the product and choose wisely what to eat from. People can fulfill their nutrient requirement with supplements such as Testo-Max.

No or Lesser Amount Of Exercise.

Mostly those people who have almost less to no amount of exercise life, suffer from lower level of testosterone. Exercise is not only necessary for your body to stay active, but it is also very necessary as it helps in the production of testosterones. The exercise burns the body fat and makes the body to produce more testosterones to support the heart rate, which in converts cholesterol into testosterone.If you do not exercise, the system slows down, which results in lower testosterone production.

Lack Of Sexual Activities

Sex is an important of life. Not only for reproduction but also for health. The most basic purpose of testosterones is to support the person’s sex drive. If you do not get in some sexual activity, the testicles will slow the production of the testosterones, since there will be no need of them.Sex boosts the testosterone production and according to research,elderly men who have more sex, tend to have a higher level of testosterones than who do not, which leads them to have more sex.

Medication Side Effects

Many medicines might affect your testosterones level. Since all medications come with their own side effects, it is necessary to know what those side effects are. If you are taking any cholesterol reduction medicine, there is a possibility that they might also decrease your testosterone levels as well.You might also be taking some meds that might be affecting your nutrition absorption system as well. So be sure what you are taking and what sort of side effects if has.


It is a known fact that stress highly inflicts lower performance level. Not only that but it also reduces muscle strength, nutrition absorption, cognitive functions and metabolism as well. They are also the biggest reason for the lower production of testosterone level. When you get under a lot of stress, your body starts making cortisol, which is a hormone that neglects the effects of testosterone. So choose wisely and take the lesser stress and try to relax as often as you can.

Alcohol Abuse

As the alcohol gets processed through your liver, it releases the elements that do not allow the release of testosterones. However, drinking a glass or two will not hamper your testosterone levels heavily but they will if you get drunk or drink heavily several times a week. So avoid drinking too much and also avoid beer, as it also contains such elements that can reduce your testosterone levels.

Age Factor

This one is an inevitable one. As you get old, your testosterone levels will also go down.Your testosterone level goes down one percent by every year after 30. So by 60, your estrogen levels will be 1/3rd of what you had in your 20s.

Drugs Abuse

According to research, all illicit drugs are known to be associated with lower testosterone levels. That includes opioids, cocaine, marijuana, etc. Since these drugs are not processed and cleared for use by the medical associations, using them will only cause harm to one in unknown ways. Other than drugs’ effects on testosterone level, the mixture that are used in the drug may also severely damage your testosterone production system.


As you might be worried since most, it is likely that one of the factors that are mentioned are of relevance to you, but do not worry, as all these factors are manageable. There are several articles and guidelines on our website, which will address most of these factors and help you in dealing with them. However, these are not all of the issues that can cause a lower level of testosterones. It is better to heck from a specialist as well just to be sure.

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