Thai Dbol: What’s Good and What’s Not


Steroids are commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders during workout routines or training cycles to give them the results that they want, fast. Steroids such as the ever popular Dianabol are highly sought after for their ergogenic and muscle building effects. Dianabol or Dbol for instance is a very effective anabolic steroid to use when you want to have massive muscle gains and enhanced strength and speed. One of the downsides to using Dbol though, is that in some places like the US, Canada and the UK, they’re classified as controlled substances. By that, you would need to have a prescription to be able to legally purchase the steroid.

Although, there are some places that have more relaxed laws regarding the purchase and use of these steroids. Thailand is one of those places. In Thailand, you can just walk in to any pharmacy and buy yourself Dbol, or any kind of anabolic steroid for that matter over the counter. These relaxed laws make Thailand a haven for athletes and bodybuilders looking to get their hands on the powerful drug. There are a lot of different companies that locally manufacture the Dbol. You have to be able to identify some of the best Thai Dbol brands for you to be able to purchase legitimate products.

Know the best

Since it is legally possible to purchase Dbol over the counter without any hitch in Thailand, this freedom may also be utilized by swindlers. Selling of counterfeit Dianabol is quite common in Thailand. This means that you really have to know the product before you decide to buy it. This is in order for you to avoid buying fake or counterfeit products which either will be of no use or will do more harm than good.

Probably the most common Dianabol brand that’s being counterfeited in Thailand is the Blue Hearts or Danabol DS. When buying Blue Hearts, you have to know what to look for. This is for you to identify if the product is legit or if it is indeed fake. If possible, stick to reliable brands like Meditech and British Dispensary Thailand. This way, you can be reassured that what you’re getting is legit and high quality Dianabol.

From Thailand to the US.

If in any case you’re wondering if you can buy Dbol in Thailand and then take it home with you to the US, technically, you can. But you will risk getting caught and get slapped a hefty fine or even spend time in jail. It’s like smuggling illegal drugs. The US, along with Canada, UK and Australia, have certain laws about steroid possession and use. If you ship it to your country, you also run the risk of getting caught by customs.

The safest way is to do your training in Thailand. This way, you can have easy access to Dbol and not break laws. Though Dbol is a highly sought after and undeniably an effective anabolic steroid, it can be a bit hard to acquire. Especially in places that have laws which regulate the use of these steroids. Thailand may be a haven for steroid users but that doesn’t mean they should abuse the privilege. Using too much steroids can cause side effects. These side effects may range from mild to severe, depending on how the user takes it. So when using steroids such as Dbol, always remember to follow the recommended dosage and duration of use. This is to avoid the risk of getting side effects while maximizing the results.

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