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Every type of spine surgery has improved throughout time as a result of technological advancements and improved research. In order to help patients who have undergone numerous traumatic events return to normal life, surgeons throughout the world who specialize in spine surgery perform spinal surgery on patients with little to no pain. If you contact Spine Center Atlanta about a spinal injury, you will receive the best care available. Let’s examine the most popular spinal surgery technique used at the hospital to treat various spinal disorders.

1. Surgery for Herniated Discs

When you have an accident, you will need surgery to repair a herniated disc’s affected areas. The surgeon will either remove the entire disc during herniated disc surgery or just a portion of it. In order to reduce pain, the surgeon may remove the disc and fuse the two adjacent vertebrae.

Because it can restrict movement in a portion of the spine, spinal fusion is performed with great caution. Therefore, it would be preferable to choose a hospital with cutting-edge surgical technology and a skilled surgeon who can ensure a secure and low-risk procedure.

2. Lumbar Disc Surgery

A lumbar discectomy is a spine procedure used to treat a patient’s injured lower back disc. When you have a lumbar discectomy, you can either have open spine surgery or a microendoscopic discectomy.

Most patients who experience lumbar herniated disc-related problems undergo the open spine variant of the operation.

3. Surgery for Lumbar Decompression

Vertebral decompression operation is also referred to as a lumbar laminectomy. The purpose of this surgery is to widen the spinal canal. The complete or a portion of the damaged lamina that was pushing against the spine and causing excruciating pain will be removed during surgery.

Because of the narrowing of the spinal canal with aging, pressure is placed on the spinal cord during lumbar decompression surgery. To relieve strain, the spinal canal will be widened during surgery. The surgeon can therefore remove any extra tissue or bone spurs.

4. Artificial Disk Substitution

A disk that is producing issues in the back or near the neck is removed through an arthroplasty procedure or artificial disk replacement. The injured disc will be replaced by a synthetic one by the surgeon.

The disc is typically replaced with a metallic, plastic, or hybrid disc made of both metal and plastic. In order for the patient to experience normal motion between the vertebrae, this operation must be successful.

In some circumstances, artificial disk replacement can be performed instead of spinal fusion. Additionally, it can aid in restoring height between the vertebrae and the area of the nerve roots.

5. Fusion of the Spine

Your body’s two surrounding vertebrae will be connected by the surgeon during the procedure to fix the spinal fusion issue in order to stop discomfort from forming when the two vertebrae rub up against one another. The surgeon also joins the vertebrae with rods and tiny screws. The vertebrae are left to naturally fuse and recover after the treatment.

In order to maintain the fusion of the vertebrae, the surgeon may additionally remove a little bone graft from another area of the body.

Overall, there are many different kinds of spine injuries and spine surgery techniques. To find out which type of surgery or therapy is best for you, it would be advisable to speak with your orthopedic surgeon. For any spine-related difficulties, get in touch with Spine Center Atlanta or make an appointment to receive prompt help regaining your health.

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