No Need to Suffer in Silence If You Have Mobility Problems


Mobility problems are an increasing concern for many elderly people and even those who are younger but suffer with certain debilitating conditions. This lack of mobility can certainly cause a great deal of emotional pain as well as physical pain but it can also be the cause of a lack of enjoyment in life, reducing social activities to virtually zero. The good news is that there are mobility aids that can make life easier and more comfortable.

Aches, Pains, and Mobility Problems

There are many reasons why a person might suffer from reduced mobility, including but not limited to:

  • Diseases and Conditions: Degenerative spinal conditions such as stenosis and scoliosis certainly contribute to reduced mobility. While many of these conditions affect elderly people most seriously, they can also become debilitating at any age.
  • Back Problems: General back problems may be one of the most common complaints in people over the age of 40. The challenge is that many of these problems are not easily identifiable even though they have an obvious impact on one’s mobility and ability to enjoy life. Furthermore, many people, especially those who have worked in jobs where manual handling was required, have lower back problems where the vertebrae need to be surgically fused together.
  • Joints and Bones: Common age-related conditions such as arthritis can make it incredibly painful and difficult for a person to move around. It is also very common for many elderly women to suffer from osteoporosis, in which the bones can become very brittle and prone to breakage. This can certainly cause mobility problems.

Getting More Out of Life

Predictably, many of these conditions can have a devastating effect on not only one’s physical health but also on one’s social and emotional well-being. Difficulty in walking around and doing simple things can lead to a huge decrease in a person’s capacity and motivation to go out and socialise. As a consequence, anxiety and depression are likely with a resultant decrease in one’s enjoyment of life.

The good news is that aids that provide for increased mobility in South Wales are available. Being able to rest and recuperate from the energy that it requires to move is best served through specialised chairs that are designed to make movement a lot easier.

One of the biggest problems that many people with mobility issues face is being able to recline in and rise comfortably from furniture. For example, a person with a debilitating back condition may find that once he or she reclines in a chair, he or she has great difficulty rising from it without proper assistance from another person. This not only promotes anxiety but also means that the person finds that he or she lacks motivation to rise from the chair once he or she has reclined.

Additionally, many people with aches, pains, and mobility conditions also find that many regular chairs are simply not designed for the promotion of their comfort. In this context, a custom-designed chair that is made for people with such conditions is the ideal investment as it promotes comfort, easier mobility, better rest positions, and greater enjoyment of daily activities.

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