How to Deal with Painful and Recurring Backache


Back ache can strike anyone at any stage of their life, and while you can take painkillers to ease the discomfort, ideally, you should get to the root of the cause and have the right treatment. A qualified neurophysiologist is the person to see when you are suffering from ongoing back pain, as the specialist deals primarily with neuromuscular conditions. A neurophysiologist can treat the following conditions:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Chronic Pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Arthritic Pain
  • Sport Related Injuries
  • Trauma Injuries

The Holistic Approach

The Neurophysiologist adopts a holistic, hands-on approach, which involves specific muscular and skeletal manipulation, something that, if done correctly, alleviates pain and discomfort in a vast majority of cases. This non-invasive technique is a very popular treatment for all types of back and neck pain, and with affordable physiotherapy in Blackpool only a phone call away, you can seek relief from a specialist practitioner.

Joint Pains

Often with arthritis and Parkinson’s Disease, there is considerable pain in the joints, with the wrists, elbows, shoulders and hips all causing discomfort, which can be severe, especially in cold weather. If you are suffering with painful joints, rather than enduring the constant pain, you should make an appointment with a local neurophysiologist, who can examine you and then recommend a course of treatment.

Initial Exploratory Examination

Once you have told the specialist of your symptoms, he or she would then conduct exploratory investigations, and by a series of trial and error manipulations, the problem can be identified. Once the specialist knows what is causing your discomfort, they can recommend a series of manipulative muscle and skeletal sessions, which almost always alleviates the pain.

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