5 Daily Habits Which Are Unknowingly Bad For Our Teeth


Our teeth often get to be the first thing that people notice. It is one of those important parts of the body that allows us to chew food just so that our body gets the right nutrition.

As it plays a very important role, it is essential on our part to keep it in the best condition. Visiting the dentist in Merrylands often as well as taking the right measures at home can help with its safekeeping.

The food that we eat often leads to the staining of our teeth while causing damage to our enamel and deteriorating the quality over time. Here are a few mistakes to avoid preventing harm and staining to the teeth that often goes unnoticed.

Drinking coffee

Being a caffeine addict is normal for several especially for those who need a big push every morning to start their day. If you are into the habit of drinking a cup every few hours while being busy at your desk, it so happens that you forget to rise your mouth each time you are done drinking it. Ask a dentist in Merrylands, and he would agree that coffee contains a pigment called chromogen that stays back on the surface and every time you forget rinsing, it accumulates and causes the stain to darken over time.

Drinking carbonated beverages

While the beverages of this type feel refreshing and soothing to the throat especially when you are thirsty or probably have to gulp down fast food, it has a bad effect on the enamel. Dentist in Merrylands agrees that since these are acidic beverages, it gnaws on the enamel slowly. The corrosion starts to take place the moment you drink it, and unless you wash your mouth with water after drinking, the acid stays along causing harm.

Not drinking enough water

According to a dentist in Merrylands, the rule says to stay hydrated all the time to keep our body fit. Well, drinking water frequently washes away all the bad stuff accumulated in your mouth especially when you are into the habit of snacking frequently. When you drink water, your mouth is rinsed automatically, and that keeps your teeth protected.

Brushing only once a day

It is a habit that we learn since childhood to brush our teeth twice daily. Some find it convenient to only brush their teeth in the morning. Well, when you do not brush before you sleep, all the residue that has accumulated all day in your teeth becomes a meal for the ones responsible for cavities. This, in turn, harms your teeth in a bad way while deteriorating its longevity with each passing day.

Visiting the dentist only when there is a pain

It is said that a person should visit a dentist every six months even though there isn’t any problem that they face. There are times when problems with our teeth aren’t visible, and the dentist in Merrylands can detect it. The sooner it is found out; the better precautions are taken. Therefore, try visiting the dentist with the family and get a dental checkup even when you do not face a problem.

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