British Dragon: one of the best calls for steroids


British Dragon steroids are one of the most popular brands in the steroids market. It is so popular and common that is found in almost every household in the community of the body builders and the anabolic steroid users. It is the most famous underground laboratory and the largest as well. It began with two people in Thailand and it manufactures millions of injectable anabolic steroids, anabolic steroids that can be taken orally and also ancillary drugs. It is a pharmaceutical manufacturer which claims to manufacture high quality products. This company initially manufactured generic products i.e. products developed by a third party but their patent has expired. But the products need to have exactly the same components in the same proportion as in the original drugs. The company held its ranking above the quality veterinarian, pharma pro and few other steroid manufacturers. The British Dragon steroids are also available in

The original British Dragon company had closed and its owners and manufacturers were charged and arrested. Recently a new company opened in the name of British dragon and the owner claims to be the original manufacturer who reopened the company after coming out from the prison. The new company has raised a lot of questions in the mind of users of steroid since it has come up with new labels and new logo for the company. There were many counterfeit suppliers after the British dragon had closed down. But the new British dragon was more convincing and credible than the previous supplies who claimed to sell the British Dragon products.

The new British Dragon provides anabolic androgenic steroids. These anabolic androgenic steroids can be searched for in the following link for more information about steroids. They are made up of synthetic testosterone and also have risks and side effects attached to it. They can be prescribed by the doctors to fight muscle loss due to cancer and other serious illness. Some side effects which are related to the mental health of the user are caused due to the intake of these steroids. These effects include mood swings, insomnia, aggression, delusion, maniac behaviour etc.

There are some side effects related to the physical nature of the user of these steroids. These anabolic androgenic steroids may sometimes cause permanent health to the user. These risks include- damage to the kidneys; kidney failure; severe damage to the liver; increase in blood pressure; enlargement of the size of the heart; increase in the number of heart attacks and strokes.

Men may face decrease in the size of the testicles; reduced sperm count; chances of infertility; being bald at an early age; enlargement in the breast tissues; increase in the size of nipples; and there is a huge chance of developing prostate cancer.

Women may experience problems in their menstrual cycle; baldness like the men have; increase in the size of clitoris; reduction in the size of the breasts; deepening of their voice; growth of facial hairs and body hairs etc.

Teenagers are more into consumption of drugs to improve their looks. But these may instead harm them and affect their skeletal development, their height and may even cause disruption in the puberty changes.

These damages once caused are irreversible and one has to live with it for their lifetime. So it is always necessary to have proper knowledge about the exact benefits of the steroids that are being consumed along with their side effects.

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