Learn more about bone marrow transplant


Bone marrow is a flexible tissue found inside bones. Four percentage of body mass of human beings are because of bone marrow. It produces red blood cells by the process called haematopoiesis. It also produces the lymphocytes that are the main support system of our immunity. This soft and fatty tissue can get affected by certain diseases and that can cause several problems for the body. Severe diseases can occur because of bone marrow problems. Bone marrow transplant is done when the bone marrow gets severely affected and there is no other option left. This surgical procedure is used to replace destroyed or damaged bone marrow and instead keeping healthy bone marrow instead of the affected one. Thousands of lives are saved by doctors every year by this surgical procedure. It can give back to life cancer patients and patients suffering from other kinds of deadly diseases. Life-threatening disorders can be cured by this special surgical procedure and doctors ask healthy people all over the world to donate their bone marrow so that somewhere someone can be saved. Stem cell donation can save any lives throughout the globe and it is painful as well. So, you must donate if you are physically fit and always ask your doctor before donating your bone marrow.

Bone marrow transplant doctors India suggests that between the two types of transplants; the one should be used according to the patient’s condition and the reason that the patient needs the transplant on the first place. Autologous Transplants is one kind of transplant where the patient’s stem cells are used only and not taken from anyone else. The cells are harvested before the transplant. This procedure is generally rarely done and it is because rarely does a patient have a healthy bone marrow in his/her body. Another type of transplant is the allogeneic transplant where cells are taken from any donor. However, there are many problems related to this surgery because the donor has to be a genetic match. It can only be taken from any relative with whom your body structure is compatible with. Rarely, genetic matches are found in other donors. However, if the patient’s bone marrow is totally damaged, then this transplant is very much necessary. If the donor cells matches with your cells, then the operation will be fully successful and the success is dependent on the closeness of the donor cells with the patient’s cells. This surgical procedure takes a week to be done. So, make sure you have done all the arrangements properly before the procedure starts like arranging for bill payments, insurance coverage, applying for medical leave, and staying near your close ones.

The whole bone marrow transplant procedure can take a toll on your mental health. So, make sure that you are taking the help of therapy if you really feel so. In every hospital there are doctors who are ready help patients going through such process. According to the best bone marrow transplant doctors in India, some after symptoms of bone marrow transplant are: vomiting, diarrhoea and appetite loss. The patient must be kept separately in another room to prevent infection from affecting him/her.

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