Are You In A Toxic Marriage? Know The Signs Here!


No marriage is perfect, and all relationships experience ups and downs. However, when the downs are causing more problems than they should, you may want to sit and rethink your entire marriage. Fighting and arguing can actually be healthy for a couple, but only if they do it rightly. If you and your spouse are fighting against each other rather than the problem, you may be in a toxic marriage. 

If you have tried your best and there is no desire to seek couple’s therapy or work on your marriage anymore, consult a Tacoma Uncontested Divorce Lawyer today. 

Signs of a toxic marriage 

You do not respect each other. 

The essential thing needed to keep a marriage alive is respect. No relationship in the world can survive without it. One feature of a successful marriage is when the two people accept each other in the way they are without asking for any significant changes. If you tend to get disrespectful when you do not get each other’s way, it is a red sign. 

You go a long time without talking when you fight. 

Being upset with each other after a big fight is pretty common. What is not common is spending weeks without even looking at each other’s faces. When you do not communicate well, you leave room for negative emotions like anger, hurt, and resentment to brew. You may not want to speak to your spouse when you are furious at them, but silence does not help either. Not communicating well is a red sign.

One spouse has too much control over decision-making. 

It is never good when one spouse has too much control regarding everyday decisions. Each spouse has different roles to play in the household and is responsible for different things. However, when only one spouse is allowed to make decisions and becomes angry when the other spouse tries to participate, that is when it’s concerning. 

You no longer put effort into making each other happy. 

When people get married, they do various things to make their partners happy, such as making dinner, planning surprise parties, buying flowers, etc. While these things are expected to decline eventually, one should still put effort into making their spouse happy. If you and your spouse have not done anything “romantic” lately, maybe it’s time you ask yourselves whether you even want to be in the marriage. 

There are many signs which indicate the end of a relationship, and these are only four of them. The most obvious sign may be when you are no longer happy. When you feel your marriage has ended, call an attorney for a stress-free divorce. 

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