Why Epidural Is Done and What Benefits It Offers?


The biggest fear among all pregnant women is how to cope up with the labor pain. We all are aware that during childbirth a woman has to bear a lot of pain. Therefore, with the help of epidural anesthesia one can get some relief from child bearing pain. Many women ask for this anesthesia during their delivery.

Let us try to understand what is an Epidural and how it is administered to women.

Epidural anesthesia is known as local anesthesia, which is generally injected in the epidural area near the spine so that it can numb the spinal nerves so that it can offer relief from pain during the process of labor. Drug is usually injected into the nerves so that it stops the pain signal to reach the brain of the woman under labor.

Due to this injection the pregnant women will not get any kind of sensation in the lower part of her body. In case, the woman wants to avoid labor pain and also not interested to take any medication then epidural is the only choice to get rid of labor pain.

Epidural is actually not a medicine but it is a procedure of administering anesthesia in order to manage pain during child birth.


  • Epidural is more effective as compared to any other pain-relieving option during labor
  • Movement becomes easier and give enough strength to push the baby out
  • At any stage of labor, it can be given.
  • Much safe than any other method
  • Women in labor may remain awake and alert during her delivery time
  • In case of C-section it can numb the lower part of the body.
  • In case, the woman is exhausted and tired then this drug can help and anesthesia can provide enough amount of rest.

However, before opting for the procedure the woman must understand thoroughly about the procedure.

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