Who Is A Candidate For Dentures?


For many years, dentures have been employed to replace several lost teeth. Luckily for you, today’s dentures are nothing like those of the past that people often complained about. Today, dentures are more natural-looking and efficient than ever before. So, how can you know if East Village dentures are a good match for you? The top dentists at East Village Dental Center may recommend dentures for you if you:

You Have Several Missing Teeth

Patients lacking multiple teeth from an entire arch, whether in the lower or upper jaw, might benefit from dentures. The two common forms of dentures include complete and partial. A partial denture is fastened into brackets attached to the surviving teeth. However, a complete denture restores an entire arch of missing teeth. As such, they might require added support from dental implants, a natural suction, or denture adhesive.

Your Teeth Are Severely Damaged

Contrary to common belief, dentures are not only suggested if you have missing teeth. The dental specialists at East Village Dental Center affirm that dentures are an excellent alternative for transforming your smile.

Ideally, it is best to preserve your natural teeth whenever practicable. Nonetheless, if you have multiple teeth that are severely fractured or otherwise damaged beyond restoration, dentures can help you reclaim normal function and shape. With dentures, you also enjoy more benefits such as an improved bite, better speech, and enhanced self-confidence.

You Have a Sloppy Denture

Dentures can get sloppy for various reasons. Nevertheless, the most prevalent explanation is bone resorption, which occurs once your gums recede since they are not being employed to anchor your teeth in position. Another reason for loose dentures is normal wear and tear.

If you have an ill-fitting denture, your dental professional can help you secure it using dental implants. Alternatively, your provider may opt to remove it and replace it with a new set of dentures based on your unique needs and wants.

You Do Not Qualify for Dental Implants

Whereas dentures can be substituted for implants, they are not always a viable alternative. Individuals with multiple missing teeth cannot obtain dental implants due to medical issues or other factors such as age. Implants may impact the growth of underlying bones in children and teens under 18 years. Additionally, you are better off with dentures than dental implants if you have gum disease.

Are Dentures a Good Option for You?

During your initial consultation at East Village Dental Center, your dental specialist will examine your mouth and general oral health to establish if you qualify for dentures. If yes, they will take impressions of your teeth or gums (if your teeth are already missing) and send them to a laboratory to design bespoke dentures.

Gaps in your grin are more than an aesthetic problem. Though most persons with missing teeth struggle with self-esteem and confidence, missing teeth could result in possible jaw bone loss, teeth shifting, chewing difficulties, and a heightened risk of gum disease. By obtaining dentures, you could address these concerns and enjoy a refreshed and vibrant smile. However, the only sure-fire way of determining if you are the right candidate for dentures is by scheduling a consultation with the dental specialists at East Village Dental Center. Book an appointment today through mobile or request online.

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