When Should You Consider Getting Dental Crowns?


Dental crowns are typically used to prevent tooth decay, improve the appearance of your smile, and fix a broken or chipped tooth. They help eliminate odor from your mouth by covering cavities that would otherwise allow bacteria to thrive. You can also use them to make your teeth look better. They can also restore your teeth even after years of decay and wear. Dental crowns may seem like a good option to you, but what are the right times when you should consider getting dental crowns in Dacula, Georgia?

Here are some common signs you should consider getting dental crowns.

1. Broken or fractured teeth

Broken or fractured teeth pose a serious risk. You can easily cut your gums when you’re chewing on a tooth that has been broken or fractured. This can cause severe bleeding and infection of your gums or teeth, which may lead to pain and even loss of some teeth in the future. If you have been experiencing such symptoms, it is better to get dental crowns.

2. Cosmetic enhancement

A more attractive smile has many benefits. It can boost your confidence and self-esteem as well as make you more attractive to others. Even if you do not have any dental problems, having a great-looking smile will increase the appeal of your personality. Dental crowns help you enhance teeth that are chipped but still intact, damaged, or discolored. You can use dental crowns to enhance the look of your teeth and face.

3. Decayed teeth

Decayed teeth may get infected if the decay is not completely removed or decay is not completely sealed. This can lead to tooth loss if you do not take care of it. Dental crowns are good options to prevent further damage to your teeth and will serve as a barrier against contamination, so it is less likely that the infection reaches your bloodstream.

4. Fractured fillings

Fractured fillings can be easily repaired with dental crowns. They also help to restore your tooth’s natural shape and strength. When you have a strong and healthy filling, you won’t have to worry about an increased risk of breakage or fracture in the future.

5. Large fillings

Large fillings may eventually crack or chip for a variety of reasons. They can be filled with dental crowns to make them more resistant to breakage and also restore their natural shape and strength.

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