What is Special K?


Special K is one of the famous drugs these days. It is categorized as dissociative anesthetic. It is used in different ways. It can be used both in liquid and powdered forms as an anesthetic. It can also be injected.

Some abusers consume it along with drinks while others smoke it through cigarettes or joints. It was placed on the list of controlled substances in the United States in 1999 due to its abuse by numerous people.

It has both short and long term effects depending upon how frequently one uses it and how much one consumes it. The effects may include increased blood pressure and heart rate, frequent vomiting, depression, nausea, amnesia, hallucination, numbness and respiratory problems. One may also get addicted to it and thus get psychologically dependent on it after abusing it for a long time. When taken in a huge amount, the user will experience a condition normally referred to as entering the K hole, which is an out of the body experience.

It creates a state in which the user finds it difficult to move around and focus on something properly. Due to this reason, it has also been used as a date-rape drug for many years.

It is highly suggested that it should not be taken without any prescription provided by a licensed doctor. This drug is commonly used as an anesthetic by surgeons while performing different surgeries so that the patients do not feel any pain during the operation.

What type of drug is Special K?

Special K is one of the “street names” for Ketamine Hydrochloride. It is also known informally as “K” or “Agent K”. This drug is a dissociative anesthetic which temporarily eliminates pain by creating a sub-conscious state in the user’s mind.

The drug works in the human body by blocking the signal sent to the body from the part of the brain responsible for consciousness. Special K is originally used for killing pains and inducing a trance-like state in patients undergoing minor surgeries and other health issues that require emergency pain control.

Special K is known to exert stronger intoxication effects than cocaine on the users. The drug has also been said to induce a near-death experience in the users. It is a state where you feel you are out of your body. The drug has gained much popularity to be abused in parties and has become a classified drug (Scheduled Class C drug, 2005).

The degree of exploitation and effects of this drug has made its possession illegal punishable by law. Special K can be in powder, pills or liquid form and it can be used orally, intranasally or intravenously. The route of usage of this drug has also been reported to influence the time frame between use and manifestation of its effects.

Special K causes hallucinations, temporal paralysis, impaired coordination, agitation, nausea, distortions in light and sound perception, elevated blood pressure and heart rate, mild memory loss, etc. Overdose of Special K causes a condition known as K-hole. It is a feeling of complete dissociation from the body which may lead to death.

Special K is an intoxicating drug that makes users pretty vulnerable after use and it should not be messed with.

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