What Exactly is Orthodontics


The English language is always being added to, and recently orthodontics was defined as a special branch of dentistry that is primarily concerned with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental irregularities. This involves straightening teeth for either correct bite alignment or for cosmetic reasons, as a crooked set of teeth does nothing to complement a person’s smile, and for a dentist to move into this specialised sector of dentistry, he or she must first complete many steps.

Orthodontist Qualifications

In Australia, a registered orthodontist must first have undergone a 5-year Bachelor Degree in dentistry, which provides them with the necessary training for basic dental treatment, and this would be followed by at least 2 years working as a dentist, in order to gain the necessary work experience. This is not sufficient, however, as the candidate must also pursue a 3-year Master’s Degree in Orthodontics, and then the person can register as a specialist with the Dental Board of Australia. Only then can the person carry out treatment, and any clinic that employs a non-registered person should be avoided for obvious reasons.

Online Sourcing

You might think it difficult to source a local orthodontics clinic, but with a Google search, you will soon have a list of potential clinics, and after some browsing, you can narrow down the search. There are, for example, affordable orthodontists in Melbourne, who offer a range of services that include the following:

  • Bite Alignment
  • Protruding Teeth
  • Teeth Crowding
  • Missing or Impacted Teeth

These are just a few of the services one might expect to find at a modern clinic, and after a free initial consultation, the orthodontist would recommend a suitable form of treatment.

The Alignment of Teeth and Jaws

This is the core focus of the orthodontist, who is not concerned with the common dental problems we all face, such as fillings, extractions, or cosmetic crowns or implants, and if your regular dentist noticed an issue with teeth or jaw alignment, he or she would refer you to an orthodontist. Having an irregular bite can cause you severe problems if this is not addressed, and as time goes by, the treatment possibilities become more limited. If you feel there is something not right with your teeth or jaw alignment, it is best to seek out a registered orthodontics clinic, and they can diagnose the problem and offer prompt treatment.

Preventative Treatments

Teeth or jaw abnormalities need to be addressed as soon as they are diagnosed, and this is especially important with the front teeth growth in children, so you should have your child examined at the age of 7, and with regular appointments, any issues will be promptly dealt with. Children have soft jaws, and if a problem is not addressed during childhood, the best treatment might be unsuitable.

If you feel that your teeth or jaws are not perfectly aligned, source your local orthodontics clinic and they can examine you and make the right treatment recommendations.

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