What Causes Eye Redness?


Red eyes are associated with negative thoughts. If you walk out in public with red eyes, people may start asking you what the problem is, are you sick, have you been crying, or have you abused any drugs? Whatever the reason, red eyes are an indication of a problem. It is why patients seek help at Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, to eliminate redness in the sclera and rejuvenate their appearance.

Your eye dilates due to increased blood flow to the eye, especially after an injury. Eye redness occurs when your blood vessels dilate. Entry of foreign objects into the eye may also result in the redness of the rye after infection occurs.

How can you relieve eye redness at home?

Although eye redness may indicate an underlying condition, most patients with red eyes should expect this to be a temporary situation. You can wait for the sclera in your eye to return to the standard white color on its own, or you can perform specific techniques that will make recovery easier:

  • Warm compress

This technique is widespread and is one of the things patients should do whenever they have red eyes. Take a clean towel and soak it in warm water. Wring out any excess water and place the towel on the problematic eye for a few minutes.

It would help if you were careful about the temperature because the skin around your eye is susceptible thus could burn upon exposure to high temperatures. The heat from the towel will stimulate blood in the area and clear up the situation faster.

  • Cold compress

If the hot compress is not working, this alternative approach can help reduce swelling and itchiness. Keep the temperature tolerable to avoid making the situation in your eye worse.

  • Artificial tears

The tears in your eye contribute towards lubrication which helps prevent irritation that might lead to the eyes becoming red. One of the treatments doctors recommend for red eyes is artificial tears, which help keep your eyes moist.

Make sure you refrigerate the solution so that it lasts longer. Also, discuss with your optician before deciding on the best artificial tears to avoid irritation due to sensitivity or allergies towards specific ingredients.

The above solutions offer short-term relief. However, if your condition is chronic, you may want to try long-term techniques that provide long-lasting results. The following are some long-term solutions for red eyes:

  • Pay attention to the good you are eating and the amount of water you are drinking in a day

You must take plenty of water in a day to maintain the fluid level in your eye that prevents dryness and irritation that lead to red eyes. Stay away from processed food and avoid taking excess dairy products because these types of foods increase inflammation.

Taking omega3 products can help with eye inflammation and redness. Seeds and nuts are another way to deal with redness caused by inflammation.

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