Things You Need To Know About Foot And Ankle


Our feet and ankles support our entire bodies, making them critical in everything we do. When the foot and ankle condition worsens and affects your ability to function, it can negatively impact your quality of life. Albany foot and ankle orthopedic specialists offer diagnostic and treatment services to end the pain in your ankles and feet. This article will discuss everything associated with the foot and ankle.

Why do we have pain in our feet or ankles?

Many people experience pain around their feet and ankles at some time in their lifetime. The foot and ankle are the most hardworking and complex parts of your body. In most cases, foot and ankle pain is caused by injuries like strains or sprains, but they can heal with simple self-care measures. If your pain gets worse, it could be due to structural changes in your foot and ankle.


Diagnosis starts with a clinical exam, conducting a health history, and taking X-rays. After conducting X-rays, imaging tests like MRI, ultrasound, or CT scan may be needed. This test helps your physician develop a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

Treatment for foot and ankle

Having a strong relationship and communication with your physician can help you get the best treatment. Your physician evaluates you as an individual, considering your goals, lifestyle, needs, and preferences to develop a good treatment plan. This treatment approach, where you are engaged in decision-making, allows your doctors to reach the best outcome. Many experts can be involved in your treatment depending on your foot and ankle injury.

Conservative treatments

Rest: Some injuries take weeks to heal, while others can be long-term injuries. If you return to your daily activities sooner, you can cause extensive damage. You can work with your physician to determine the amount of rest you require before going back to your normal activities.

Stretching exercise: Your physician can provide you with home care instructions and exercises that you need to do to recover. If you follow the instructions, you might heal faster than expected.

Anti-inflammatory medicine: In most cases, anti-inflammatory medicines can help reduce pain and swelling at home. Your physician will work with you to find the best medications with no side effects.

Orthotics and brace wear: Many foot and ankle issues can be corrected with orthotics placed in your shoes to keep your feet in perfect position for comfort. Braces can also keep your leg, foot, and ankle in a perfect position to speed up the healing process.

Foot and ankle injuries can be very frustrating. Having foot and ankle injuries can force you to stop your daily activities to avoid extreme injuries. If you are athletic, you should wear protective gear before going in the field to protect yourself from getting foot and ankle injuries, which can end your career. But Orthopaedic Associates in Albany provide the best treatment options that can boost your healing process, and you can go back to your normal life in no time. Find out more about foot and ankle treatments by booking an appointment online today.

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