Top 5 Denture Care Mistakes You Should Avoid


Losing some or all of your teeth can be devastating, but dentures got you covered. The latest technological advances ensure you get natural-looking and feeling dentures to boost your confidence and self-esteem. Dentures specialists like Dr. Marvin Tylor can help you get realistic replacements for your lost teeth, making it easier to get used to them and feel like you are wearing them no more. Unfortunately, many people neglect their dentures when they become more comfortable with them and tend not to give them their care. This increases their risks of complications. Be sure not to be one of them by avoiding the following.

Skipping to Wear Dentures

Dentures are designed to be worn regularly, but some people often forget or ignore them after some time. This could make the dentures dry out and deform, especially when poorly stored. Remember that your dentures should always be soaked in water when not wearing them. But ensure you wear your new dentures regularly to help your mouth get used to them soon. However, this does not mean you wear them constantly, just that you should remember to have them on most of the time.

Keeping Dentures on When Sleeping

Once you get your dentures, your provider will advise you always to remove the dentures while you sleep and soak them in water. As much as you have to wear the dentures most of the time to keep your mouth used to them, it would help if you gave your mouth and gums a break. Forgetting to remove the dentures while you sleep is not suitable for your oral hygiene and can keep bacteria in your mouth, increasing your chances of an infection.

Failure to Clean Dentures Regularly

Some people forget to clean their dentures regularly when they get used to them. Other people think that simply removing the dentures and storing them in a glass of water to soak is similar to cleaning them or only cleaning the dentures when visiting the dentist. All these are wrong ideas about cleaning the dentures. Ask your doctor about the right way to clean your devices and ensure you regularly eliminate germs and bacteria. Lack of consistency in cleaning your dentures will make your dentures deteriorate quickly, become worn, and smelly.

Lack of Proper Cleaning

It would help if you asked your dentist about the proper manner you should clean the devices and the right tools you should use. Do not use toothpaste since it has an abrasive property that can damage dentures. Also, replace your hard-bristled brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid scratching the dentures. Additionally, do not store your dentures in hot water to prevent warping and shape change in your dentures. Generally, clean your dentures by rinsing or soaking them in lukewarm water and gently brushing them with a soft-bristled brush. You can also use specially made dentures cleaners as advised by your doctor.

Avoid DIY Repairs

If you have issues with your dentures, it is highly advisable to contact your dentist before trying anything. It can be tempting to fix or adjust the dentures, but you should not do it independently. Most dentures come in complicated structures and designs whose fit can be affected even with the slightest adjustment. So only attempt to take charge if you know exactly what you are doing.

You can contact Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center’s denture specialists to get more denture care tips and advice. Your provider will also help you understand if dentures are your best teeth replacement option if you are getting them for the first time.

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