Things to be guarded when you are pregnant


When you are pregnant a general notion would be that advice would pour in from all quarters. Pretty much like vaccination during pregnancy this is something that you cannot avoid during pregnancy. Ignoring the vaccination in pregnancy aspect there are some other points you need to be aware when you are pregnant. Let us go through them in details.

Continue with exercise

No doubts that it would mean countless benefits to both the mother as well as the baby. On a personal level during the last trimester I did go on to spend 10 to 15 minutes at the pool that is accompanied by a degree of light yoga stretches. Eventually the process of labor did seem to be a lot easy. The doctors were of the opinion that such a situation did arise as I was a lot active.

Smaller and nutrient rich meals are the way to go about

Nutrient rich food is the essence for both the mother as well as the baby at this point of time. This would mean organic foods along with dark green leafy vegetables to name a few. Once the baby grows it ends up taking a lot of space on your stomach. So for this reason the meal has to be really light and reduce the chances of heartburn when you are pregnant. In case if you are facing this issues, see to it that you have ¼ of apple cedar vinegar with warm water along with honey to reduce the chances of heartburn.

Movement every day

Do not stop to move when you are in the third trimester of pregnancy. Things might even get difficult but still continue to keep moving. We are going to quit exercising or stop becoming active the moment we become big and make things a lot harder for us. The birth along with the body is going to become a lot easy the moment we are going to keep strong flexible and easy.

Coping up with stressed

If you are feeling stressed stick to yoga breathing. With these techniques it goes on to reduce the stress levels and makes your mind calm. There is a lot of material available on the internet that can help you practice the various methods of yoga.

Sleep in a strategic manner

This would help you to get rest and reduce pain to a considerable degree. In case if you are feeling it difficult to sleep at night make it a point that you are going to lay down on the left side. Try to place pillows between the chests and put your bump. This assumes a great option to be comfortable and get some valuable rest in the meantime.

To reduce your aching legs resort to the use of some form of supplements

A vast majority of women suffer from leg cramps when they are pregnant. The main reason would be lower levels of calcium along with magnesium. Do discuss with your doctor about the various supplements you can opt

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