The process to choose the best IVF centre in India


The moment you are thinking on the lines of IVF, you will be obviously doing a lot of research to be honest. You may turn up to recommendations from your near or dear ones and sometimes it could be a gynaecologist as well. It is quite possible that you might have any family member who has undergone this treatment in the past and they would have showcased their experience to you. In a way you could have found out whether the clinic is good or bad. In order to choose the best IVF hospital in India you might conduct a research at your own peril as well.

Now the real struggle comes forth where you have to choose between couples of clinics which do have the same success rate. One of them could prove to be a large hospital, whereas the other could be a small clinic. But let us now get the facts right on why you would need to choose one clinic over the other.

  • You need to be aware that IVF treatment does differ from the other types of medical treatments. As a patient the general feeling should be that you are not suffering from any disease. A lot of healthy options are there to have a baby and this does go on to include medical intervention at the same time
  • A lot of doctors are pretty much comfortable in treating their patients in a hospital setting. This might work out to be a better option for a doctor, but no way does it mean that this would be something really appreciated by a patient.
  • A lot of times it has been observed that the level of care that a patient receives at a clinic is going to be much better than a hospital setting. The general feeling is that hospitals are safe and for this reason people rush out to them.
  • The general focus would be to take care of the patients, and what happens is that IVF gets pushed to the shadows.

Having said so there are a lot of negatives if you choose to get the IVF done in a hospital

  • You would need to spend a lot of time waiting to get the basic formalities does. This would mean the admission along with the discharge procedures.
  • If there does arise any form of problem patients do face a hard time in coping with most issues
  • Any hospital does go on to have a lot of departments. Sometimes attention is more focussed on a particular department.

Now all this brings us to the question why it would be better to choose an IVF clinic. Let us explore the reasons in a nut shell

  • Their focus is solely on providing IVF treatment and nothing else assumes any importance
  • As most of the clinics have been in this niche for a considerable period of time. So they are pretty much equipped in providing emotional and considerable care to the patients.
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