The Dark and Eerie Side of Substance Abuse That Wrecks Lives


Human brain controls all our voluntary and involuntary action. Once a person falls prey to drug abuse, his/her brain is rewired to repeatedly use drugs in spite of the negative consequences. Drugs meddle with the brain and alter a person’s mood and behaviour by altering the person’s perception thus causing him/her to interact with the outside world.

How do drugs create the feel of euphoria?

Euphoria which is high from substances involves spikes in the chemical signalling compounds. Biologically there is usually a small surge in basal ganglia with healthy rewards such as eating, music and social interaction. With the intake of drugs, there is a much higher surge in transmitters forcing us to repeat taking drugs for pleasure. Larger surges signal the brain to seek drugs disregarding other healthy goals.

Why are addictive substances more addicting than natural rewards?

The brain perceives normal rewards and drug rewards way differently. It can be compared to someone whispering stuff into your ear with someone blaring into a microphone. Just like how we tone down the volume of a loud radio, the brain of persons going through addiction adjusts in such a way that only fewer transmitters are now produced. Due to this, the person feels less pleasure from natural rewards. This is the reason why those misuse drugs eventually start feeling numb, lacks motivation and doesn’t enjoy activities which they liked earlier.

Effects of common mind-altering drugs:

  • Marijuana: Those who use marijuana may feel relaxed and a pleasant sense of euphoria. The sensory perception is also heightened – laughter, increased appetite, altered perception of time. Its few side effects include severe anxiety, high risk of stroke, impaired thinking and decline in IQ.
  • Heroin: Heroine is less about feeling good and more about numbing or avoiding pain. It causes high changes to feelings, thoughts and sensations. Its few side effects include lung complications, kidney disorders, sexual dysfunction and mental disorders.
  • Cocaine: Cocaine user’s experience – intense euphoria, heightened level of confidence and they feel more sociable. Its side effects include permanent damage to blood vessels, delirium, severe depression and tactile hallucination.

Substance abuse causes various harmful short-term and long-term side effects. If you know someone going through it, contact Orange County rehab center for details on rehabilitation centers.

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