The cost of dental implants in the current market


The cost of dental implants can vary quite dramatically from one dentist to another, depending on a variety of factors. Once you are certain that you want to use implants, such as All on 4, to fix your smile, the important thing is to arrange consultations with lots of different dental clinics to get as much information as you can. Most dentists offer these consultations for free to try and encourage you to come to their clinic, so make sure you take advantage of this and ask as many questions as you can during your appointment.

If the implants procedure that you require is straightforward and you only have one tooth that needs replacing, you could probably expect to spend between £800 and £1500. This would usually include all your X-rays and impressions, the cost of the implant and the procedure itself, but that is one of the most important facts to establish at your consultation; what does the advertised cost include and are there any hidden extras. In some cases, the patient’s jawbone has weakened over time and is now too thin to support dental implants. Prior to you having All on 4 implants fitted you may have to undergo a bone graft, using bone harvested from your own body or donated by someone else. This can increase the cost of implants quite dramatically as dentists can charge up to £3,000 for this kind of procedure, depending on how much bone is needed to restore the strength of the jawbone.

Not everyone can afford these kinds of prices, but some people can get dental implants on the NHS which will reduce the price significantly, though dental treatment is not free. If your missing teeth are causing other health problems, such as gum disease in the affected area or a deterioration of the jawbone, then you might qualify for dental implants on the NHS. The NHS will not provide implants for cosmetic reasons and you are unlikely to be fitted with modern implants like All on 4 if you are paying a budget price.

Another possible way to save yourself some money on dental implants is to travel abroad for the procedure. Health tourism is becoming more and more common among people in the UK, especially for dental and cosmetic treatments. You don’t necessarily have to travel too far to find cheaper prices either, as many dentists in Eastern Europe offer safe and professional treatments at a fraction of the cost that you would expect to pay in the UK.

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