Sulbutiamine – Boost Your Mood and Memory


Do you want to boost your brain? Want to increase your memory? Want to alleviate depression symptoms? Want to keep yourself motivated? Most people think ways to improve their brain functioning, they try different techniques to get it. Some make use of drugs; these drugs will help the brain to be stronger, increasing the energy level and your memory skills. Some people have great memory power with high IQ, but some people are not been gifted by memory power and they struggle to memories things. They make use of the drugs so to boost the brain memory. Why do some people go throw chronic fatigue because of the low Vitamin B1 levels in the body? There are different drugs in the market that will help the person to increase their thiamine levels in the body like the one Sulbutiamine.

Origin and what is Sulbutiamine?

Sulbutiamine was first developed by the Japanese researchers.  The researcher found the deficiency in vitamin B1 in Japanese population and was increasing in their country. They wanted to fix the problem and started working on it finally they were succeeded in developing an drug called as Subultiamine. Once you take the sulbutiamine dosage, the drug will enter the blood brain barrier and supplies your brain with the most important element vitamin B.

Sulbitiamine is also medically referred as isobutyryl thiamine disulfide which is an upgraded component of vitamin B1. Two vitamin B1 molecules are joined together to form sulbutiamine. This chemical bond will help the thiamine to pass easily to the blood brain barriers. If the body does not get sufficient amount of thiamine then this might lead to nervous system disorder termed as Beriberi.Sulbutiamine is easily available than thiamine and also fat soluble.

Advantages of sulbutiamine

There are two most important reasons why people use this drug, to boost their energy and memory levels. This drug will help you to develop smart brain. There are various other benefits of using this drug let’s look at some below:

  • Helps Improves your mood and decrease fatigue
  • Increases energy and stamina: There are several researches conducted on sulbutiamine and revealed that use of sulbutiamine will increase energy in people who are having chronicle fatigue.
  • Lowers your anxiety: Is good to change your mood and also lowers anxiety. It also lowers depression and social shyness.
  • Boosts your motivation levels: the sulbutiamine increases dopamine and glutamate in the prefrontal cortex which leads increased motivation and mood change.

How much dose should one take?

As per the FDA recommendation the user can take the dose of 400mg to 1000mg per day. To avoid overdose the patient is prescribed to take the dose into smaller doses. The sulbutiamine half life will last for 4- 6 hours. It is also recommended that the drug to be taken with water.

People who are taking any other medicine like anti-psychotoic medicine should avoid using sulbutiamine. Taking the dose can be bit habit forming and is same with stopping it from taking it. Using sulbutiamine for short terms is good but will not work if you take it for long term. Using for long term can cause the patient to be addicted to the meditation which is not a good idea for the health.

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