Restore Your Brilliant Within A Day With Same-Day Crowns


Smiles make you more approachable, facilitating social interactions with your peers and workmates. A good smile may also fetch you opportunities you may be yearning for, but this may not be possible if you have severely decayed and damaged teeth. Irvine same-day crowns should be your ultimate choice if you are interested in restoring your lovely smile.

What should you know about same-day crowns?

Same-day crowns refer to long-lasting tooth caps that reinforce your tooth’s strength and prevent further damage. Same-day crowns allow you to evade the long traditional tooth replacement process that involves waiting for several weeks for your permanent crowns while using temporary crowns. In addition to restoring your smile aesthetics, crowns cover your damaged tooth to fix it or prevent further damage. The specialists at Smile Design Deal Group offer tooth-colored crowns so that they blend in with your natural teeth and prevent you from being self-conscious when smiling.

Your provider may recommend crowns to cover dental implants, cover cracks and chips, strengthen weak teeth, restore broken teeth and enhance your smile’s appearance. The team utilizes the CEREC system, which facilitates the designing and milling of your crown within the same day.

How do traditional crowns compare to same-day crowns?

After taking your tooth impressions, it may take weeks for you to receive your traditional crowns. In addition to saving you the long wait, same-day crowns have other advantages, including:

  • Comfortable and self-imaging
  • Minimal scraping of the enamel before crown placement
  • No need for a temporary ill-fitting crown

Same-day crowns are made from solid ceramic that lasts for decades, saving you from the constant replacement procedures. Eventually, you may need to replace your crown, but you can count on a same-day crown to serve you for 5-15 years if you practice oral hygiene.

How does your doctor design same-day crowns?

The placement of a same-day crown is a simple and painless procedure during the same appointment. On the morning of your appointment, your provider prepares the target tooth by shaping your enamel. Your provider may skip this step if you receive a crown to cover your dental implant. Afterward, the team takes impressions of your tooth to prepare a custom crow that fits perfectly. The dentist sends your images to a computer-aided machine that mills the crow from solid ceramic.

The team conducts your procedure in a comfortable office to ensure that you have a pleasant experience. You may also request the team for soothing music to help you relax. After designing your crown, the team places it immediately. They may check if it fits and make necessary adjustments before attaching it to your tooth using a curing light and dental adhesive.

If you have any concerns concerning your crown, you can discuss them with your specialist. You may need a few days to adjust to the new crown fully. During this recovery period, you may experience mild discomfort that you can manage with over-the-counter pain relievers. Your provider may also recommend applying a topical anesthetic to ease the swelling. But if the pain worsens, or persists after a week, inform your dentist immediately.

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