Preparing for the USMLE


For those in the middle of USMLE prep Chicago IL, it is likely a stressful time. This exam, the United States Medical Licensing Examination, is taken in order for a physician to receive a license to practice. It can be stressful to know you must pass this three-part exam to get your license after medical school, but by taking a few smart steps, you can make this time less stressful. This includes making a study schedule, focusing on one part at a time and taking breaks.

Make a Study Schedule

It can be easy to lose motivation when you do not have a set study schedule in place. Decide what days of the week you are available to study and what hours are most ideal. Be realistic in how long you can study at one time and do not try to overload yourself. Make a written schedule so that it will easier for you to stick with it.

Focus on One Part at a Time

Because there are three parts to this exam, you should focus on one part at a time. It can be easy to worry about every part, but you only have control over the part you are currently studying for. Try to do your best on each section, and reward yourself when you meet your goals. Studying for each section individually will maximize your study time and help you stay productive.

Take Breaks

No one can study effectively for hours on end without breaks. Being realistic about your study goals and taking necessary breaks is smart. However, do not let your study breaks last too long, as it will be more difficult to get started again once the break is over.

While studying for the USMLE can be stressful, with these easy tips it is more manageable.


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