Paragard Lawsuit: Everything you should know about it!


Paragard IUD is a type of intrauterine coil used by women for long term birth control. This sometimes referred to as a non-hormonal IUD option. It is a T-shaped copper frame that inserted by a doctor in female uterine with her permission.

What is the meaning of Paragard Lawsuit?

If you are suffering from health complications regarding the removal of Paragard then you are eligible to file a case against the pharmaceutical company to get financial compensation for medical expenses and other expenses you have made. You can claim under the Paragard T 380A act, who is injured by a uterine cavity. There are many lawsuits that are available in the USA who provides complete assistant do the victims. The Shouse law group in the USA fighting with Teva Pharmaceuticals to provide all the damages that have done with clients in terms of pain, expenses, taking medicines, and more. To know more it in detail, continue reading.

Who creates Paragard IUD?

Paragad IUD is made up of the well-known USA based company called Teva Pharmaceuticals. This is known to create paragard T380A with copper to control birth. It is FDA approved and clinically tested product, so the women won’t find any issue while using it for 10 years. It provides 99% protection for conceiving. If it breaks or made of low quality this may cause serious side effects in the women. This becomes problematic for the couple.

If you or your loved one suffer setbacks or injuries related to a paragard device, then contact Shouse Law Group to enter the paragard lawsuit immediately. They will fight for you and help you to get the best possible compensation for your pain, time, and expenses. But before making a claim, make sure you are eligible to do this by consulting with an experienced lawyer.

Who should sue paragard lawsuit?

Ultimately, there are four reasons which are valid to sue the Teva Pharmaceuticals are:

  1. If IUD comes with a defective design.
  2. If IUD includes manufacturing faults or damages.
  3. If IUD has not listed warnings/precautions to use.
  4. If IUD is expired and Teva was careless.

What are the types of compensation you may expect?

The type of compensation mainly depends upon the reasons you have mentioned while filing a case. If you are thinking to do all this alone, then we encourage you to ask expert help. They know better how to get claim benefits. There are several damages you can ask for a claim such as:

  1. Medical bills: In this whole expenses are included such as medicines, consultation fee, injections, therapies, and recommending courses expenses.
  2. Pain: Well, nobody pays for your pain, but it can get a little worth. You can ask for the claim as compared to your pain, suffering, nightmare, side effects, and loss of happiness in life.
  3. Loss of relationship happiness: within an injury, if you have lost your happiness in the relationship with a spouse or other family member, then you can ask for recover.
  4. Wages cut: due to pain and other side effects related to the device may possess you to take leaves from the job. You can claim for your loss of wages.

If you are thinking to ask for paragard help, call us today!

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