Oral Surgery -Tips For Easy And Quick Recovery


As with any oral surgery, aftercare is a must. When you are finally done with your surgery, you want to take care of your dental health as much as possible. The healing and recovery period is crucial, so make sure you follow the right tips. Try avoiding doing things that can aggravate the injuries and possibly inflict an infection.

Whether you have had your tooth extracted or got new dental implants, it is essential to take proper measures to ensure a smooth recovery. Your family dentist in Midlothian will give you instructions after the surgery, and you must follow them religiously.

Tips for recovering quickly after an oral surgery

1. Take it easy.

Do not keep anything else in your schedule on the day of the surgery. The dentist will likely give you a sedative during the procedure, which will make you feel dizzy throughout the day. It is not safe to drive yourself home or even walk home alone.

It is also important to avoid strenuous activities, such as workouts or lifting heavy things. Take a couple of days or more off, as instructed by your doctor.

2. Take your medications.

After your surgery, your dentist will prescribe you medicines for a speedy recovery and relieve pain and discomfort. Make sure you buy these medications immediately after getting out of the clinic and take them all on time.

One important thing to remember is that you do not stop taking your prescribed antibiotics before you finish your entire dose. Even if you feel fine after a few days, it is important to complete the prescribed dose to avoid complications.

3. Ice it.

Your face might swell up and bruise after the oral surgery. When this happens, do not panic, as it is extremely common. You can relieve the symptoms by applying ice to your jaw. If you had surgery on both sides of your mouth, apply a single ice pack by switching sides.

Apply ice on each side for 15 minutes before switching it to the other side. Your swelling and bruising should reduce in a few days.

4. Limit your diet.

It is important to take a look at your diet after going through oral surgery. You need vitamins and nutrients to build your immunity and quickly heal from injuries. On the other hand, eating the wrong foods, such as junk food, can aggravate the injuries and delay the process.

You should avoid foods with extreme temperatures, such as very hot tea or coffee or iced drinks. Eat soft food and avoid items you need to chew a lot before swallowing.

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