Myths and Advantages of Brow Lift Surgery


Aging comes as a blessing or a curse to different individuals. Some of them will welcome it gladly, while it is a source of insecurity to others. For instance, as the person age, their skin can sag because it has lost collagen from exposure to too much UV light. This makes an individual have wrinkles on their forehead and eyelids, giving the people an angry and tired look. You should consider a Reston brow lift if you are suffering from sagging skin. The following are the crucial things you should consider before undergoing a brow lift.

Who is the best candidate?

It is important to note that this process is not for everyone. Most brow lift candidates are between 40 and 65 years old. However, in some exceptional cases, it can also be carried out on younger patients who have suffered from the genetic disposition which causes them to have insecurities.

Myths about brow lift

The following are the myths that scare people against taking the brow lift.

It ruins the hairline.

Most people value their hairline and worry that the procedure will interfere with it. However, it is not the case because the incisions are usually modified if you have a hairline. The surgery only leaves unnoticeable scars.

It makes an individual surprised or shocked.

One of the greatest misconceptions is that you could be shocked after having this surgery. You can delay the option if you hear this information when you are about to take the procedure. However, it is false since it will reshape your forehead and lift your brows. This process can smooth the forehead wrinkles that will give you a relaxed appearance you can admire.

Any surgeon can carry out a brow lift surgery.

Even though the surgeon could have information regarding this surgery, they could be lacking some crucial information. Besides, they could not have mastered the art since they had not practiced it. To have the best results, you should consider visiting a brow lift surgeon with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with vast experience in carrying out this procedure.

Advantages of Brow Lift Surgery

The following are the advantages you could enjoy by having this surgery.

Reverse the tired and angry appearance.

The lines that exist between the eyebrows and the sagging bowline usually make a person look as if they are angry or tired. This would make you unapproachable regardless of how calm and happy you could be. Raising these brows can make you seem happier and friendlier than before.

Long-lasting results.

Injectable treatments such as Botox can boost your appearance by giving a raised brow line look. Nevertheless, these treatments have limited results, which is why they are usually restricted to individuals with mild and moderate signs. The brow lift is applicable in all instances and will give long-lasting impacts.

It smooths away facial creases.

Since it removes the excess skin and tissue, it usually smooths away telltale signs of aging on the upper face. Besides, it eliminates the horizontal lines that pass between the brow and the vertical lines that pass between the eyebrows, giving you a youthful appearance.

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