Maintaining Oral Health Is A Way Of Life


Your smile is your most beautiful feature. It has amazing relaxing properties, helping to relieve the stress and pressures of this world. Don’t you want to keep it enchanted for a long time? Poor dental health, on the other hand, may detract from the value of your smile. Suppose your Wisdom Teeth Jasper has issues too? Worry no more as doctor Koch has years of experience in the area and is ready to help you with your dental health. The doctor offers dental exams, TMJ treatment, and dental implants among other services. The services mentioned are described in full below.

Dental Exam

The easiest way of maintaining healthy gums and teeth is having dental exams at least two times a year. Dr. Koch understands the importance of maintaining oral health and therefore performs oral exams effectively. A dental exam is a preventive examination that can detect and resolve potential or existing oral health issues. A dental exam also gives you the chance to make inquiries and discuss uncommon signs and symptoms, this will assist you to maintain a bright healthy smile for many years. Dr. Koch customizes every visit depending on how old you are, your signs and symptoms, and your medical dental history. The dental examination involves the following procedures, tooth extraction for a seriously damaged tooth, tooth fillings for enamel repair, tooth cleaning, and screening for oral cancer using a microscope. You should schedule a dental exam at least two times a year to maintain oral health whether you have abnormal symptoms or not. Regular examinations can detect potentially serious issues early on, while they are most treatable.

Dental Implants

Do not feel like there is no hope when you have permanent teeth missing as Dr.Koch has years of experience in fitting and recovering dental implants. The specialist uses Ultra Tooth dental implants which last long, are of high quality, and are usable right after they are placed. Dental implants are tiny metallic posts implanted behind the gum line providing a stable foundation as they replace your tooth roots. The dentist possesses a machine with enhanced technological advancements and uses ultra tooth implants which ensure your procedure is done within one visit. The doctor uses a local anesthetic to numb your mouth at the beginning of the procedure and then installs the ultra tooth implants. After installing the implants, he designs personalized restorations through scanning and passes them through a machine to create perfect and flawless restorations. The specialist then aligns the restorations with your implants, then he binds them in position, reverting your smile to its original, healthy state.

TMJ Treatment

If you experience migraines, pain in the jaws, and difficulties in chewing regularly you need to visit Advanced Dental Care of East Texas for TMJ treatment. Doctor Koch will help you feel better by using personalized dental orthodontics. TMJ treatment is a dentistry specialty that identifies, cures, and prevents problems with the temporomandibular joint. Your temporomandibular joints, which join your jaw to your skull make biting, chewing, and speaking possible. These joints swell causing jaw pain, and headaches as a result. TMJ worsens with time if not treated early enough but fortunately, it’s treatable, and unobstructed are frequently used. The types of TMJ treatment include personalized dental orthotics, nerve stimulation, and orthodontia. Dr. Koch can create a tailored care plan for you based on a thorough oral examination and based on your objectives.

When you have specialists attending you, maintaining dental care will turn less hectic. Call or use the online scheduling feature to make an appointment with Dr. Koch at Advanced Dental Care of East Texas and keep your smile glowing all the time.

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